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Watching the 700mb version.....

Tell me if this is right, it downloaded into a folder with a bunch of files....one was a rar, the others went in a sequence like r00 and r01 or something like that. Do I need to compile them together or something first? Or like extract them somehow. That's kinda where i'm lost
Usually you just extract the rar, and it uses the other files to re-build (this is how it works with certain downloaded software and stuff, but I haven't downloaded any of the 700MB vids, so I don't know in this case).
Just extract any .rar file you like. The programm will automatically merge all the parts into one file.
I'll give it another shot when I get home. I only recall having one rar file, and when I tried to extract it I got an error. The other dozen or so files had some other kind of extension (in sequence like r001 r002).
I just extracted the one rar file called "gothic-tg607.rar", that was the .avi and it worked.
Quick question....Whats the advantage of releasing it in this format?
I honestly have no idea. I have the 23inch cinema hd display from apple...I watched this version and compared it to the latest release (350 mb).....both in full screen, I really couldn't notice much of a difference in quality.