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WEC 2024

Wednesday 12 JuneFree practice 1Eurosport 212:45pm BST/1:45pm local time
Wednesday 12 JuneQualifyingEurosport 25:45pm BST/6:45pm local time
Wednesday 12 JuneFree practice 2Eurosport 28:45pm BST/9:45pm local time
Thursday 13 JuneFree practice 3Eurosport 21:45pm BST/2:45pm local time
Thursday 13 JuneHyperpoleEurosport 26:45pm BST/7:45pm local time
Thursday 13 JuneFree practice 4Eurosport 28:45pm BST/9:45pm local time
Saturday 15 JuneRace warm-upEurosport 110:45am BST/11:45am local time
Saturday 15 JuneLe Mans 24 HoursEurosport 12pm BST/3pm local time

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