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weird ass skyline


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May 26, 2004
hong kong



cant work out what mix of cars this is
looks like a honda from the rear and an american car fromt the front
I am not sure but it seems that
the front lights are Xedos 6 ones ( kind of Mazda )
the rear ones should be from a Nissan 180 sx but not sure :unsure: :think:

not very good cocktail IMO :?
mmap said:
First thing that came to mind was Nissan Silvia...

My thoughts exactly. But the front remembered me of that fugly new Subaru design.
vladmitu said:
what the **** is that car ?
I can't recognize any of it ... if somebody actually finds a proper designation for it, please post it.

The rear lights are from an Acura / Honda (depends where in the world you are) Legend. I'm not exactly sure what model year they belong to though, but you can see the whole car here. Absolutely no idea where the front comes from though.

Overall, I kinda like it. Definetly unique and doesn't look bad at all.
zeroSignal said:
Overall, I kinda like it. Definetly unique and doesn't look bad at all.

No, it doesn't. I sais carbage just for a joke. It looks better than a lot of cars sold originally.
There's something I just don't like about the front. IMO, Skylines always had a great-looking front. Even the R32 looks good. I don't like the R32 rear at all, I can live with the R33 rear, and the R34 rear is the best, by far.

This specific car.. well, I don't know. It's a bit odd. Definetly needs some lowering and a new set of wheels, as these are a bit ugly. But otherwise, looks pretty damn good.
Yea, it's deffinately a skyline...poor thing. It's too bad what he did to it.
the rear fenders and the long hood(bonnet) are a dead giveaway that this is a skyline. but wow is this ugly. why mess with the look of a skyline espically the r32. this is the most beautiful skyline and should stay this way, not get hacked up and turned to shit.