Weird Dreams Thread


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Feb 17, 2006
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Last night was a good one, I was going to New Zealand for a FinalGear meet (dammit, Joe), flew over in the cockpit of a plane which had no windows for some reason and as such was almost crashed or did crash (maybe thinking of the Dragon capsule with just screens?).

We were staying at a place by a lake that would've been more like Finland, I kept sleeping through most of the days because of jet lag but at one point I was fighting an army and 'space gun' was mentioned. I'm blaming watching Solo mixed with playing a lot of The Outer Worlds. Funny thing is I don't remember cars ever being involved at any point, clearly not a real FG meet.


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Feb 27, 2009
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OK, it's Sunday morning, half past seven... and I'm awake. Because of one really weird and elaborate dream.

So, I was visiting @Dr_Grip and we were watching a movie, open-air in some Berlin backyard, together with some nondescript friends of his (nondescript because I don't know them, but point is, we weren't alone). It was some independent drama about people from $poor_african_country having their child receive important medical care right there in Berlin even though the trailer promised some decent action scenes. Now, afetr waking up, I can't really recall all that, but during the dream I had the movie scripted out pretty elaborately, with dramatic hospital scenes and whatnot.

When the credits rolled, we and the others talked a bit, and decided well, let's go home. Cue post-credit scene which turned out to be the epic car chase between the fleeing protagonist family and $corrupt_government_agents / $gangsters promised by the trailer (longest post-credit scene ever). Only we just wanted to go home. So, no problem, because the movie was taking place in Berlin we could just get in our cars and join the chase, thus watching the action while going home. So @Dr_Grip got drove off in Lucille while I needed a bit longer to enter my Lamborghini Countach and get it out of the cinema/backyard. I then tried to catch up with him (and the movie chase) by driving through city streets at 200+ kph while getting route information via radio (I blame FG roadtrips). At some point the Doc inexplicably was now as passenger in my car and we also jumped through another car that was crossing our path, which was possible because a countach is so damn low that it fits through the side windows (yeah right).
At that point I heard an air-raid siren. Being already half-awake, I needed a moment to realize that this was my my real-life mobile phone that has exactly that as a ringtone for the civil defense app (NINA, and that I should perhaps check what the fuss is all about, so I got up and out of bed. It was warning me about a large fire somewhere else in town and that one should close doors and windows to avoid the smell.

I think I'll return to bed now. It's fucking 7:50 am on a Sunday. :D