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An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
Left a bit, no right a bit, just there. England.
2020 Tesla Model 3, 1990 Discovery 1 Bobtail
Couple of odd ones last night. First a local guy I knew (who doesn't exist) tried to steal my bobtail while I was in the house. He was using his little children as accomplices and they could apparently operate the steering and pedal to turn the thing around. Somehow. It had snowed too. He was out of his own truck so I grabbed him and asked him how he started it. Apparently he bypassed the alarm it doesn't have. I shooed the kids off and took my truck back. Strange dream. Thankfully the real Bob is missing a steering wheel while parked so there's no way that children could drive off with it.

Later I dreamt that I was at a Goodwill, seemingly in this country but with prices in USD. I was looking at old audio stuff, picked up what I thought was a Sony Minidisc player (that turned out to be a Walkman cassette player but whatevs). It was priced at $0.1285 or something silly. There were also a load of cartridge things, like PCMCIA cards that were apparently a music format, for the same price. At least one of them was a Bluetooth card.

Despite not having any dollary-doos in my wallet (makes me think I was still in the UK) I apparently bought them... or stole them. I think I've managed to mix my Techmoan and LGR fantasies.

Edit: I forgot that the night before I dreamt that I was visiting Fingringhoe as part of a FinalGear roadtrip. I was in the Smart and got lost, because that often seems to happen. :LOL:
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