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Sep 21, 2003
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Yes, the forums are finally back (sorry it took so long!) and are powered by XenForo instead of vBulletin.

Please post any issues here.

Colors are default for now but we can make our own color palette super easily (it's just fields in the admin) to go back to red if we want. I thought I'd ask for input from you guys in another thread once things settle down.

Old URLs should redirect to the new format automatically.

The permissions groups that allow you to see certain private forums aren't set up yet. I wanted to get things running first.
Bless you guys :love:
Welcome back everybody \o/
me likey
^ This
Minor fixes applied, back to business.
oohhh! Thanks Viper and Quiky!
Awesome work, thanks Viper & Quiky.
Oh my good gravy, I was genuinely worried that this day would never come. I found myself on Reddit of all places...

Thank you so much everyone involved. It's good to be home. :)

Seriously though, Thank you for bringing it back to life. I was beginning to fear I may actually have to go outside to meet people. god forbid.
Yay!!! Thanks for everything Viper and Quiky!! Hope you're both doing well!

Edit: New member. Hmmph.