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Went to L'astral!


Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI
Ok so no big deal, for you (99.99999%) guys who don't know what L'astral is, it's a restaurant, on the top of l'Hotel Concorde in Quebec city, it's not the greatest in terms of food but I love the view!


So you might say this view sucks, and it would be true, that building is ugly..

but a few minutes later


The St-Lawrence and le Ch?teau Frontenac, now that's better! :D


OMG it's moving!?


Takes about 90mins to do a complete rotation, it's very nice, only a "ring" spins, the exterior and very interior (toilets, main entrance, place where they cook, buffet) don't.


It had been quite a long time since I went there
We have one of those nearby, on a small town. I think it's disabled now, though. But the view is a little worse :lol:
rotatings restaurants are so old my friend
we have one in HK, a good idea but i dont find it that interesting, coz its too slow lol. wonder if someone is so worthless they got sick on it lol
Reminds me of Sam and Max: Hit the road. That was a great game...
jasonchiu said:
i think thats a crappy ass design. so unimaginative

at least it loooks better than Hong Kongs POS rotating restaurant


there was supposed to be a rotating restaurant in beijing as well... but according to my dad, there was some mis-communication between the workers and they decided to pour cement down the shaft that spins it or something so now that thing doesn't rotate :lol:
I personally like the one in the Space Needle in Seattle. IIRC the food is amazing (albeit expensive) but the views are amazing, especially when you can see Mt. Rainer. I don't know if it rotates or not, but the views from the restaurant are amazing (especially on one of the rare clear days in Seattle).

my first rotating resto i've been to was in kuwait towers
Jostyrostelli said:
^Ugly tower! But nice mountain in the background :D

I dunno, I like the architecture of the tower, but the mountain in the background is Mt. Rainer, which is situated in a very nice national park. I'd like to go back out there some day (hopefully for a job :-D)
keep in mind the space needle was made for a worlds fair back in 1962 thats why it has what is now a retro sci-fi look