Whale wars: Watch Eco-pussies attack japanese whalers, and fail hilariously

Altman should have spoken Paul's language, "If you send me up the helicopter could be lost - that's bad PR for you, good PR for the whalers and you would have to buy a new helicopter."
Sooner or later these idiots are going to run into a highly intolerant, unmanned drone boat with a missile launcher.
Assuming they live long enough to do so.
I see them sinking their own ships before that ever happens.
The fleet will have a patrol ship from MAFF this season (not a military or Coast Guard ship as reported by some news sites), a move which could be interpreted a number of ways but I think the most important point is that the Government is not abandoning the research. In fact, they are now willing to become directly involved to support the sub-contracted whalers and I read that MAFF has also been asking the Coast Guard to send a patrol ship for sometime, however I don't believe either a MAFF patrol ship or a Coast Guard patrol ship will do much other than document what is going on.

I started to wonder about why the season was cut short last year and I thought the fleet was smaller than previous seasons so I checked, and it was. For 07, 08 and 09 they had 6 ships while the SS had 2, in '10 they had 5 while SS got a third and last season they only had 4 while SS had 3 again. And yet last season was the most efficient in terms of whales caught per mile travelled and average in terms of whales caught per day, if they had had 6 ships the season may have been much different yet they have scaled down and sold ships and now MAFF are stepping in to help with security. Interesting.

In old news.

Blind "we've all seen the V12" Io said:
...mass killings of entire pods, including juveniles

Do we not have the Japanese on camera harpooning juveniles, females with calves and multiple whales from the same pod?

...they were on camera last season chasing down a group of about 5 whales until they got the last one.

That video sure is hard to find.

I called you out on just this one lie because you said there was video evidence, I even said if you posted I'd leave for good. Ready to admit it doesn't exist?
When did your ban expire? Still didn't learn your lesson?
When did your ban expire? Still didn't learn your lesson?

So is there or isn't there a video?

It's pretty simple, no need for an ad hominem.

And you don't need to get me banned to get rid of me, just post the video you say exists and I'll quit of my own free willy.

Here, I'll post some more evidence just in case anyone still has any doubt that you lie without shame...

MSS: 2.29
W/S: 1.15

MSS: 2.12
W/S: 1.16

MSS: 2.47
W/S: 1.06

MSS: 2.27
W/S: 1.06

MSS: 2.81
W/S: 1.00

MSS = mean school size.
W/S = whales taken per school.
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Australia Approves the Use of Drones by Sea Shepherd

Antarctica is No Longer a Drone-free Zone

From: Policy Coordination Branch. Australian Antarctic Division. Territories, Environment and Treaties Section Australian Antarctic Division. Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Antarctic Treaty (Environment Protection) Act 1980 (?the Act?)

Notice of Variation to determination under paragraph 12N(2)

I refer to the additional Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Impacts submitted in relation to the proposed activity to be conducted, namely the conduct of Operation Divine Wind by Sea Shepherd Australia Pty Ltd including the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

In accordance with section 12N(2) of the Act, the delegate has considered the additional information and has determined that the activity is likely to have no more than a negligible impact on the environment. Accordingly, the authorization issued under section 12F of the Act, subject to your compliance with the conditions set out in the attached Determination and Authorization, has been varied to include the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as proposed.

If it is proposed to further change the activity, or the activity changes, sub-section 12D(2) of the Antarctic Treaty (Environment Protection) Act 1980 requires that the activity again be reassessed. Note that a change refers to any variations to the program?s duration, location, frequency, equipment used, physical consequences, environmental impacts and their risk, or ability to remediate or monitor impacts etc.

Subject to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975, a person or persons whose interests are affected by this decision may, within 28 days, make an application in writing to the Antarctic Division of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities for the reasons for the decision. An application for independent review of the decision may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, on payment of the relevant fee, by or on behalf of the person or persons whose interests are affected, either within 28 days of receipt of the reasons for the decision, or within 28 days of this declaration if reasons for the decision are not sought.
Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson 'arrested in Germany'

The founder of US-based anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, has been arrested in Germany, the group says.

In a statement, it said Mr Watson was detained in Frankfurt and now faces extradition to Costa Rica.

It quotes German police as saying the arrest relates to a confrontation over shark finning in 2002.

Sea Shepherd is a controversial direct action group best known for disrupting Japan's annual whale hunt.

In the past there have been collisions between its vessels and the whaling fleet, and its activists have also boarded Japanese vessels.

Mr Watson tweeted late on Sunday: "I am currently being held in Frankfurt on charges from Costa Rica. Court appearance in the morning."

Attempted murder claim

The German warrant related to an "alleged violation of ships traffic" which took place in Guatemalan waters in 2002, the group said, when it "encountered an illegal shark finning operation" - referring to the practice of catching sharks, slicing off their valuable fins and returning the shark to the water where it will usually die.

On order of the Guatemalan authorities, the group says, it instructed the crew of the Costa Rican vessel in question, the Varadero, to head back to port to be prosecuted.

"While escorting the Varadero back to port, the tables were turned and a Guatemalan gunboat was dispatched to intercept the Sea Shepherd crew," the statement claims.

"The crew of the Varadero accused the Sea Shepherd of trying to kill them, while the video evidence proves this to be a fallacy.

"To avoid the Guatemalan gunboat, Sea Shepherd then set sail for Costa Rica, where they uncovered even more illegal shark finning activities in the form of dried shark fins by the thousands on the roofs of industrial buildings."

Media cite Costa Rican reports as saying Mr Watson also faces an outstanding warrant for attempted murder stemming from the same incident.

According to Sea Shepherd, Mr Watson is being assisted in jail by European deputies Daniel Cohn Bendit and Jose Bove.

"Our hope is that these two honourable gentlemen can set Captain Watson free before this nonsense goes any further," Sea Shepherd says.
They need a fast steel hull scout vessel loaded with radar and radio gear, the fiberglass boats just aren't tough enough.
Man, this season sucked. The Japanese whalers are getting smarter in dodging SS....which makes for a boring show.


Why the switch in cinematography for the second half of episode 8? Much prettier and made it more interesting to watch.
It's a classic example of escalation. I'm sure there was quite a bit behind the scenes that the Japanese were doing to track Sea Sheppard, including counter-intelligence and better vetting their own people - I noticed there were no tips called in this season.

From the sound of things the SS fleet will grow to four vessels next season, which should be interesting. They really need a fast yacht with a steel hull - fiberglass just isn't cutting it down there.
All that was said was that it would be another fast scout vessel.

They may have their hands full now that Watson has been arrested in Germany and extradited to Costa Rica on a decade-old warrant. His next stop may be Japan.
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