What about this?


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May 29, 2004
I thought, since we are talking about specific car parts more and more, why don't we have a "mechanic" section?
Everything specific about Turbos, 4 wheel drive systems, oilfilters whatever. You could make a thread about "How does an injector work?"
Kinda educates the people who don't know shit about cars and if someone talks about "spooling up a turbo" he doesn't have to ask in that thread..

What do you think?
Well, I think putting those kinda threads in the Automotive forum is good enough. I mean are we really going to get enough of those threads that they deserve their own forum?
I will make some, explaining about the technical part may not be as much a "discussionboard" as the others but may be quite helpfull for lots of us.
I still learn about cars every day and know I can learn lots of things from others around here...

AS if the political section is a big hit :wink:
Jostyrostelli said:
AS if the political section is a big hit

:lol: ... I've never even been in it... have no interest in it at all... I mean, why would there be a political discussion in a car enthusiast forum

BTW... I still learn alot of car stuff in this forum as well... esp. that section where they were discussing about the Top Gear dream car configuration
Meh, I'll just make it.
Overheat said:
I'm not interesting in the technical stuff.

"Silicone Carbide.......uh......ohhh.....mmmm"

Good for you, I don't want to see you in the Q & A section then :D :wink:
I won't be able to help myself, in fact, I have to admit, I've been there quite a bit already. It was a very strange thing, felt like my brain was actually learning things. Kinda hurt :(
I assume most of us are car enthusiests and have our own separate boards we visit pertaining to that car. I have one for mine that's very helpful.

You could always point someone to howstuffworks.com on how some automotive parts work. They even have animations.