what about ... ?

It would be funny to see a word count for each user too - I'm not saying I want one, it would just be really funny to see who is in what rank. I think I would be either first place or close to first. I've had some pretty epic rants on this forum. :p

I blame school though. I come off of writing some 20 page essay for school, log on to the forum and just keep blabbing on and on and on... :p If I weren't such a procrastinator I think I would make a good writer. :lol:
Here's another suggestion for the forum: Is there any way that you could get the image spaces to load b4 the pics load, as it's really annoying when you want to check the latest post of a picture heavy thread and you have to wait for all the pics to load first otherwise the thread jitters around like a jibba jabba.
Haha just get a faster internet connection :p

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