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What are some of the best FTP programs?


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Jan 24, 2004
I'm looking to try some of the FTP programs, what do you recommend? and why?
I use Core FTP Lite :). Straight forward.
I use LeechFTP. It's an opensource FTP client that has since stopped development, but it is by far the best I've used.

smartFTP, it's free (it will ask if you want to buy after awhile, but you never have to) and I love it. Give it a try:
i use CuteFTP, similar interface to smartFTP, easy to use, never had problems with it...
FileZilla, got everything i need and more works perfectly! and free
jasonchiu said:
are there ppl that make ftp sites like supernova.org?

You mean where you can log in and download free and cool stuff? Yes, there are, but the one that I know of is private. The guy who runs the server gives out access, but it's mostly for his friends and people that he plays online games with.

I'm sure there are others that I don't know about....
I also use Flashfxp, but just in case you are using Firefox: There is a FTP Plugin... Tried it, and it works fine!

Flash XFP

Flash XFP

I use Flash FXP too. I had CuteFTP, but that gave me some problems.
I just use the fireFTP firefox extension for quick uploads of pics and stuff, I usually have firefox open anyway. I set it in a way that it opens in its own window.

For a while before firefox I used CuteFTP, good program and simple to use, but it's not free anymore, at least I don't think so.
I use SmartFTP. When I needed an FTP program, I just typed FTP in Google. SmartFTP was the first I found. But I like it, it's quite good a program. :)
FlashFXP is defintly the best, the ability to transfer from one ftp to another is just awesome, on top of the best UI I've seen.
I'm using FlashFXP right now, but I looked into some of the programs you mentioned, some of those are good.