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what are the measurements of an sd card?

What's an SD card?
Viper007Bond said:
What's an SD card?

I'll I can think of is "LSD" :lol:
ah, i didnt really get it the first time, you mean an SD-card, just like a CF (compactflash) card...
np jason, the trick was to search for "SD card dimensions" (without the quotes). Google's great, if you know what words to use. ;)
Renesis said:
Viper007Bond said:
What's an SD card?

And you call yourself a photo guy! :lol:
Is it like a CF card or something? All my cameras use CF and so that's the only media I have experience with...
Its real name is "Secure Digital" card thingy, and yeh its a little card thing that yer put in digital cameras, PDA(Pocket PC's) etc.
They can hold anywere up to 2GB



^^^ Thats what they look like.[/img]
na... theres 2... I think Sandisk is the only one that makes them though and its prob. going to be more expensive than a digital camera :lol:
I've used SD and MMC and am currently using Memory Stick. SD are the best simply because of future-proofing, speed and value. Although the maximum size is only 1GB at the moment, whereas as CompactFlash can go up to 8GB!!!

^ 3.6 centimetres by 4.3 centimeters is as big as hell? :shock: