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What are you listening to right here, right now?

The sound of football - my cable package blows.
shitty esports-ads while waiting the dota2 shanghai major qualifier :|

i should put on some nice dire straits... and i will! six blade knife coming up!
Monument by Mutemath
Don't like the song? Mute it and enjoy the exceedingly cute!! :wicked:

Rediscovered this one today: The Animals - Hey Gyp
Straight into my personal hall of fame. Awesome. This rocks!
Stephen Colbert has been killing it with the musical guests on his show.

Currently listening to Explosions in the Sky, but just got done listening to Baby Metal (yeah, I still don't get it...not for me), Autolux Parliament Funkadelic, and Ray LaMontagne.
They played a great version on Conan, too (also on Youtube) complete with timpani and a string section.