What are you watching right here, right now?

DVD Screener of Sherlock Holmes just came out. Surprisingly good quality rip.

Soooo good.
Got me a huge digital TV for a week while I'm looking after a friend's place. Fav movies are going to be watched!!!
Pride 28: High Octane.

Middleweight championship bout:

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Vs Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva
I love the 90's-1996
New Big Bang Theory, hilarious.
Life of Brian
QI, somewhere in the middle of series 1.
Parks and Recreation. Really good show!
IT Crowd - Michael the Magician!
The music video of Velvet Revolver's - Slither.

Gonna watch some Band Of Brothers later.
Young Ones - season one, episode one....
Episode 5 of "The Engadget Show" until Firefox crashed...damm flash.....
Underdog to Wonderdog: Nani the superfat Puggle.
Wonders of the Solar System with Prof. Brian Cox.

No, not that Brian Cox. This Brian Cox.
Law Abiding Citizen