What are you watching right here, right now?

Angel but thinking Dr Who would be a better choice.
Press Gang. Series One.

Oh Julia, my love.
I'm not that interesting. :lol:
Oh yes you are...:evil:

I was sure whether to put :evil:, :wicked: or :tvhorror: after that :lol:
Just for the record, definitely not :tvhorror:. I'm sure you aren't :tvhorror: at all.

surely you are mistaken...
Robin Hood
The Glades S01E12 It's a surprisingly good show. Not that i should be surprised since it is AMC after all.
thanks to ashpet for introducing it to me, watching yesterdays Good News Week.
My Pleasure

Myself...Danny Bhoy (scottish standup comedian) Live at the Sydney Opera House
Mulholland Drive. Yes, for the first time...