What are you watching right here, right now?

Wait, is Brotherhood a retelling of the same story? I thought it was a sequel.

.... and I suddenly remembered this is the internet, so scratch that, I'll go look it up.

hah, yeah. Brotherhood is a retelling that is closer to the original manga. the 2003 first anime series is similar but it goes in a different direction and is supposedly vastly different from the manga. this occurs about half way through the first series. i had that same impression and considered it a sequel until i found out later on. the purist in me just wants to watch both series.

also this website is pretty good. a wikia dedicated to FMA and all of its differing versions. http://fma.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
Season 2 episode 1 of Six Feet Under,

pretty good show I picked up to tide me over till Dexter season 6. Dexter is in it, but he's gay. good show though.
Meet the Natives.
(Which I'm finding cringeworthily patronising)
Apocalypse Now. It is flat out ridiculous.
Once again feeding my morbid and rather worrying fascination with all things dictatorship-ish.
More news footage of the Christchurch earthquake
Stargate Universe. Why the fuck do I persist?
Some Icelandic sitcom on BBC4 right now.
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One of my favorite movies.

RBT (Roadside Breath Test)

People who drink and get behind the wheel should be shot.