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What cars do Jeremy, Richard and James own?


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Jun 19, 2005
Sorry if this has already been asked. But what cars do they all have? I know Jeremy has a Ford GT and some sort of mercedes. I know Richard has a Charger and some other type of car (dont quite know what it is). And finally I know James has a Bentley of some sort. Anyone know any more?
And before Renesis locks it, Hammond sold his Charger...
bihus said:
And before Renesis locks it, Hammond sold his Charger...
Did he! Wow that was quick but I guess the size compatability issue must have caught up with him...
Apologies, can't resist .....

A look on page 2 of the forum would have found you the answer you're looking for ;)
phobiarg said:
Leppy said:
Wow... the search button must be broken.

What exactly would I search? "Who Owns Car" or "Jeremy Clarkson owns"

You are right you did the right thing by asking, it would be really hard searching for this type of a subject and it is really useless to scroll down page for page when you dont even know if has recently been discussed, I mean you cant get a dream that its on page 2, Anyway dont mind these guys/(not a dudes), this place is really nice if you get to know it !!! 8)