What casual phone/tablet games do you play?

I haven't got past 800m yet!
Yeah they still release updates, in fact they released a new level just a couple of weeks ago.
I like tower defense games, and I've been playing Heroes Charge lately (should hit level 71 later this week...which I feel good bout since I have never spend a dime on the game, and I just KNOW that most that are higher than me spend lots of money based on how quickly they rose to their ranks).

Anyone have any favorite newer IOS tower defense games, or ones I can play on my Surface?
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I tried installing the game on my iphone, and tried linking them through Game Center. I kept trying to transfer my status to the phone, but my phone kept telling me that, when I initiate the transfer from my "old" device, that it would give me a code...but I never got a code. it just said it would happen automatically. However, it never did.

Then, on my iPad (the "old" device), I kept getting a pop-up asking me if I wanted to transfer the NEW profile over, which would replace my level 71 status with a level 1 status.

Well, it finally happened...my finger aim was off while trying to plan the game on the train this morning, and I accidentally agreed to the update. 70 levels, and 4-5 months of progress...gone.


Looks like I need to find a new game...not going through that again with Heroes Charge. :(
If you really do want to continue playing the game it might be worth contacting the developer. They might have a backup or be able to do something for you. Emphasis on might.
Eh, I was nearing the end anyway, I guess. There's only 100 hero levels, and it just meant that all of my characters would look exactly the same and have more strength...but no new abilities and no aesthetic upgrades. And, in the time I've played it they never added new heroes or methods of gameplay. Time to move on.

...*le sigh*
Downloaded Hill Climb Racer. I don't see what you all see in it. I got bored in 5 minutes :dunno:
I tried out the X-plane app, and while it is technically very impressive, the controls kill it for me :(
The graphics are incredible, but it was the single plane that killed it. At least give us 2 planes in the free version to wet our appetites. I did the tutorial missions I could with the Cessna, then flew from one Hawaiian island to another and deleted it.
Just tried 80 Days and already hooked. I've always wanted a branching narrative game involving travelling the world!
I went old school today and got the free version of Tanks! Just like Battle Zone that I played in arcades as a kid.
Hill Climb Racing

THOOSE B^&$# F*&@#^@ ST#&@*#* TREES!!! :wall: :blowup: (the holiday map)

I love driving games and I still can't stand them on mobile. There's no good method of control.

^This^. Automatic acceleration + deadleft or deadright was lame even on acrade machines of late 90's. Now they try to sell that shit into our phones? :sleeping:

How hard can it be to pair phone with bluetooth gamepad and give us a normal racing/offroading/hauling/whatever driving game?

Moon stage and Big Finger for me, now I'm monstering most stages with a fully upgraded Super Off Road tank thing though. Hovercraft is fun too.

Dragsstah, babeh! Hardcore only. (gotdaing fuel tanks...)

I haven't got past 800m yet!

815 lol, tripped right after the "new record" point...

At least give us 2 planes in the free version to wet our appetites.

Commercialists just killed wifi multiplayer on PC, and you ask them to have phone-by-phone connection for FREE? ;)
Never got into mobile gaming, which is funny since that's what I do for a living. But I played Tapped Out for quite some time, now I'm trying Dead Rising 2 to see how much I can go without waiting ages to farm or unlock stuff.
I finally found a "Match 3" game that isn't cutesy and lame. Star Trek - Wrath of Gems.
I find that I'm most drawn to games that are essentially modern refreshes of classic arcade games, especially like 1942, Galaga, etc.

Anybody have any favorites like this? (Android, specifically)

Currently playing Strike 1945 III.
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Since about an hour after that post, I've been playing Apocalypse Meow.

I'm opposed to paying for upgrades, but so far every single upgrade has been available to me, if you just play enough. And even if you use up all the ships in your hangar (lives), you get a free ship just by watching an ad...and so far, the ads have crashed quite often and they say, "Your video failed to load. Have a free ship on us, anyway". Granted, you have to play a LOT to upgrade enough to give yourself a fair shot to progress (more so than in other games, I feel)...so it's a slow churn...however, one of the cool things is that not only are there different stages (1, 2, 3, etc), but each stage also has 3 difficulty levels which give higher rewards. So, let's say you get through to Level 6, but you just can't pass it at your ship's weapons levels. Then you can just go back to, say, 3 or 4, and try to beat those more-familiar levels at the higher difficulty to earn enough to beef up your guns, health, etc, before trying to go further.

Plus, I get to blow up cats...I mean...sort of.

I wish there were a larger variety of weapons and more characters/ships. And while it's annoying when it happens, I do love the effect of how things blow up when you hit them with your rockets...instead of just blowing up on the 2D plane, they can fly towards you, and sometimes block your view. Surprisingly immersive. And lastly, I'm not sure about the physics of the space. Somehow, I am flying in a plane that can both collide with the huge space rocks, and also the enemy ships, but the enemy ships seem to fly on an elevated plane because they fly right over the space rocks. :lol: Oh well...can't have it all.

I got it free on Android Underground, but have no idea of it's free on the official store or even if it still is free on AU store.
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