What casual phone/tablet games do you play?

These I would hardly describe as casual as they are immersive and more than a little additive but on his recent visit His Bone of Ice introduced me to "The Room" and it's sequels. They may have been mentioned elsewhere in the Entertainment section but I don't recall seeing them.

These are pay apps, not freebies, but they are definitely worth it. If you have a medium to long haul flight coming up then definitely grab a couple or just do it anyway - you won't regret it but you may lose a weekend. Or two.
Stumbled across Dig It! over the weekend. Ads are annoying but a small fee gets rid of those. Game play is simple enough but it's pretty good at getting both the logical and lateral thinking sides of your brain going. Have to confess to being completely hooked.

Also I must get Monument Valley 2 at some point, especially as 3 is on its way soon.
at the moment i'm completely addicted by slitherlink
Been playing 8 Ball Pool recently. Since the ceiling collapsed in the room that houses my real table, I can't use it. Different modes, and bets for different levels, you can play free, or make in-app purchases. Tournaments, or stand alone games if you're short on time.

It does make me miss playing the real thing though.
I downloaded the Google Play Games app recently in order to be able to play a particular app.

It comes with a number of basic games, including Cricket, where you play cricket, as a cricket.

It's surprisingly addictive.
Anyone else play Sky Force Reloaded? It's an old school vertical scrolling shoot 'em up and really good fun. If we could get a mini network going we would end up with better craft and weapons and, I understand, would be able to fly missions with wingmen. Yes, there are ads but they don't interrupt the actual game play so not too annoying.

If anyone else has it and wants my user ID to team up them PM me.
I've been playing Knock'em all from the Play store. In airplane mode to disable ads. It's free, seriously addictive and great fun.

You're basically ridding the world of hordes of zombie crash test dummies with weapons that fire bowling balls. Once you get the hang of it you can pull off some seriously zen moves, long distance shits and even the occasional 7-10 split.

Pro Tip: Don't shoot at the end level "nicjasno", just his barrels.
Funnily enough I've never been much of a phone gamer, i suspect because I end up wanting the experience to be like actual consoles.

I do have a text based adventure game app that I've been meaning to try because it includes a game that I played on PC ages ago but I haven't played that yet.