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What do we enjoy about speed?


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Oct 25, 2004
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Well, What is it that we enjoy about speed, or more specifically driving fast?

Just a few days ago I went on a drive for around 1.5 hrs around town, I travelled for around 150Kms. I do enjoy driving a lot. It was around midnight and I used roads that I know will not have a lot of traffic, I reached 180Km/hr on one and enjoyed it immensely and then I got this idea.

What is it that we enjoy about driving fast? Is it the adrenaline rush? where do we get it, is it the feeling of "danger" you get? I mean, you don't get the same feeling if you're not driving, of if you're in a place travelling at 600Km/h

What do you think?
hmm... tbh I cannot answer the question... I guess its just a thrill and something to talk about and I'm the sort of person that likes to max the speedo :D
I think it's the adrenaline. I know what you mean though...love speed.
the feeling of accomplishment when you drive a streach of road perfectly at highspeed.... i never really think of the danger... i just like the feeling of doing something to the best of my ability... if that makes any sense... i also enjoy putting the hurt on stupid ricer kids with an intake and fartcan exhaust who underestimate my rusty old hatch back

All the above, but I belive it also comes down to the fact that we are male. Which basically means that we like to contrate intensely on one thing at.

The faster you go the concentration required. there's obviously more to it than just that, but I think thats a driving force behind the desire to go fast.
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All of the above! :thumbsup:

The Dr. has spoken, and he's right!! ;)

And I can only second that... Or third... hahaha


How bout a fourth? Just the other day some kid in a Civic Si flew by me on the highway....I dropped down a gear, and smoked past him at 180...no cars on the road....lotsa fun. He gave me a big grin and a :thumbsup: .....I love driving way to fast...the adrenaline...can't beat it :mrgreen:
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the only reason i like speed
^ lol, that's the lamest reason ever :p
i do like speed to.. but not realy the topspeed. i mean driving on the german motorway all out is nice, but i enjoy driving windy roads quite fast much more :)
it gives you this feel of beeing free.. i cant explain it..
^ yes, I understand, it's the explanation that is quite difficult to grasp :)
We do understand it cuz we all have it, are there any words you could use to explain it to a non-gearhead?