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what do you drink?


May 28, 2004
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ok, I have a question for all of you. So please have your say.

What do you drink, when thirsty? I mean, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening, while working out etc ...(not alcohol...not interesting in this thread. Nor coffe/tea))

You might think it's a silly Q, but seriously - I've been giving this much thought and I can't come up with a drink which is perfect. (water is the only one which comes close)

here I go;

soft drink (coce etc..)
good: taste
bad: sugar is bad, nuff said ..
bad: costly
bad: not thirst quenching

juices (apple/orange etc..)
good: taste
good: thirst quenching
bad: the "acid" which comes with it, and sticks to your teeth ..
bad: costly

cool aid (concentrated fruits)
good: taste
good: economic
good: thirst quenching
good: space saver, in the hand bag and in the cupboard ...
bad: not good for teeth
bad: I get tired of the different fake tastes

good: healthy
good: thirst quenching
good: positive lifestyle
good: economic
bad: ... I get tired of it also after a while

good: taste
good: healthy (?)
bad: not healthy (?) ((there has always been a dispute amongst scientists, if it is good or bad to drink lots of milk for humans ... ))
bad: costly, compared to other options .....

so, it might just be me, but does anyone else feel they have the same problem when they are in the grocery shop and have to make the choice on what to drink?? Or maybe you your mom still buys your drinks, cuz you're still living at home .... I dunno ....

I hope that some of you will contribute with your choices, and plot down pros/cons, good/bad about your choices ... (copy and paste my list and add your comment, if that works for you ...)

THX :)

Dr. Pepper
good: Tastes good
bad: sugar

good: Tastes good
bad: sugar

good: it's the best, not thirsty anymore after 3 glasses
good: damn cheap
good: healthy
bad: doens't really taste like anything

chocolate milk
good: tastes good
bad: not really that healthy
bad: get sick when I drink too much

That's pretty much what I have in the fridge.
soft drink (coca etc..)
good: taste
bad: sugar is bad, nuff said ..

juices (apple/orange etc..)
good: taste / somewhat healty
good: thirst quenching
bad: none

and very often I mix some juices with some 7-up or sprite so that makes an apple sofdrink or stuff like that :lol:
well you crossed off all my drinks (lots of tea, coffee, beer)

Water is the only other thing I drink, if your looking for a good drink with good propities I'd say apple juice is where it's at, high water content and not to acidic cost does depend on which country your in though. What about carrot juice? thats should be pretty cheap to make yourself and it's good for you.
I drink almost nothing but iced tea (also called "sweet tea"). It has a little caffeine and sugar, but it isn't health-suicide. :thumbsup:

+ very cheap
+ tastes good
+ you don't get sick of it (I don't)
+ quenches thirst
+ not thick or filling

- sugar and caffeine
I almost exclusively drink milk when I'm at home.
At work, I drink water, and occasionaly a soft drink (Mountain Dew).

Doesn't apple juice have a lot of sugar?
I am surprised to read how much of the unhealthy drinks you guys choose ... hmmm ... I'm puzzled ... :)

I almost exclusively drink milk when I'm at home.
At work, I drink water, and occasionaly a soft drink (Mountain Dew).

Doesn't apple juice have a lot of sugar?

apple juice and apple "cider" is what we have to choose from .. one of the two is "pure" (but pasteurized) and the other has added sugar ...

Doesn't apple juice have a lot of sugar?

It does. A friend of mine who is a doctor prefered apple juice over cola for a diabetic girl who was low on sugar.
I mostly drink water all the time... At home sometimes a water thats slightly lemon flavoured.
When I get bored with it, I'll have a Coke light...

These are what i typically drink (not in any particular order)
It's a safe bet that I drink water and lemonade the most. I try to stay away from carbonated drinks as much as possible. I just don't really like them too much.

Good: Tastes good.
Bad: Some of them have too much sugar in them.

Good: It doesn't deteriorate you. :?
Bad: rather bland in terms of taste.

Good: Good for your body (i think :| )
Bad: Can't drink too much (Low lactose tolerance = milk goes south in a rather unpleasant way). Kinda expensive.

Gatorade (and all other brand that are alike)
Good: Works well in terms of thirst quencher.
Bad: Tastes like crap, imo.
Good- Tastes good, can get it cheap
Bad- The bitches at the cafeteria at school wont let you buy it in the morning :evil: .

Bad- You try find anything wrong with it :x .

Smirnoff Ice (not the way u spell it :no: )
Good- Easy to get my underage hands on, tastes very good :thumbsup:
Bad- The filth (coppers) dont like it :coplight:
Nestea u guys probz dont habe it - good price great taste. never get boring seriosuly. very good wehn cold and with lots of ice

Vita Lemon Tea u guys probably dont have it either - cheap avalible at work - sometimes too sweeet

Mr Juciy freash squeeze orange juice u guys dont have it either - expensive but cheap when it is like 1 week from expiry when i buy it lol its like 15 bucks for 2 liters its liek hong kongs topicana so u know that the quality is top class - bad is that it gets boring and gives u the shits when u drink milk with it

ribena - dirt cheap, great for when friends are around keeping costs low! and good with pimms and shit

smirnoff - good taste but a lill boys drink really

beer - cheap one they all taste the same after a while lol
Vita Lemon Tea u guys probably dont have it either - cheap avalible at work - sometimes too sweeet

I dont drink "Vita" brand lemon tea but I forgot to include lemon tea in my post. Like it :thumbsup:
hmm... I have a high-sugar level so i generally stay away from all soft drinks 90% of the time... I drink either water or Iced Tea... and stuff like Gatorade after my Biking or whatever sports I play.
man andy how do u have high sugar level?!!!\
doesnt wankin keep it low
u wank a lot...uu said it bfor!! :lol: :shock:
Wow thats something I didn't want to know :shock:. Thanks very much freakster. This true Andy? :eek: