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what do you recommend for a close shave without cuts/bumps?

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
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im asking this because i have a shitty remington electric shaver and i want to get a new one that wont give me ingrown hairs or bumps.

i like my electric shaver but i need a recommendation on what you guys think is the best way to shave, the best razor or electric shaver.
lol, but razors give you more bump than an electric one and they dont get the closest shave compared to an electric, atleast from my experience.
Funny, I seem to get much better results with razors as compared to electric.
But the damn razors seem to only last a couple of days or so :evil: .
That's why I have been using electric.
Not real happy with it.
I've never tried one of them fold-out razors that you see in those western movies though.

I suppose you could always go the ZZ Top route :lol: .

i use the Mach 3 and its very good ....as far as bumps are concerned use a moisureized shaving foam.

my bro-in-law just got a braun 7505 shaver.....according to him linear shavers are way way better than rotaries like philips....though i have hardly ever used a electric shaver so i wouldnt know the difference,
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I have used a Philips electric shaver since high school and it works fine. Not as close a shave as razors but it does save quite a bit of time in the morning.
Philips electric here too.. does fine but I'm far from being a hairy guy..
thanks for your input guys but from what i got,

Mach 3 is good.
but I prefer an electric shaver. Phillips is a pretty good name, you might want to check them out.

Philips electric here too..

I have used a Philips electric shaver ...Not as close a shave as razors

i use the Mach 3 and its very good ....as far as bumps are concerned use a moisureized shaving foam.

so ill try mach 3 but as far as electrics, which is the best?

which produces a closer shave without bumps, with or without shaving creme?

how bout that shavor that has the gew in the razor itself, the electric one.

and lastly, which is better, linear or rotaries?
you cannot come beat a regular razor in closeness ...and once u use it regularly enough , i find it faster to use foam and razor than a electric shaver ....plus there is no nonsense of the battery dying or any of that.
I use a 2-bladed normal razor and even though it takes more passes than a 3 blade, I don't like how large the 3 blades are. As for the cream or gel, I prefer that green gel that comes in a can with a orange cap. Can't think of the name of it.

Using the both of those result in baby butt smooth skin. Works great. :)
try nivea shaving cream for men ....its awesome if you have sensitive skin like mine ...and little dab of moistureiser helps too
mach 3 is history dudes!

wright now it's mach 3 turbo, it feels like shaving butter :p, i absolutely adore it!!

and as dukenukem said, a linear shaver is WAAAAY better than the rotating ones. philips is a very good brand dough
Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo are exactly the same except the Turbo has an extra 1mm of that soothing strip...and cost like $2 more for every 4 razors...

I use a Mach 3 with that green gel foam stuff (mentioned before) and it's awesome...no bumps either...
ok so im def gonna try mach 3 as it seems to be the best razor hands down.

now the next thing i want to know is all you mach 3 users how often do you shave?

everyday/morning? with my electric shaver i shave once a week, i get a really close shave but if i shave the next day i wont get all the hair, especially on my neck, and it creates bumps and not a close shave.

any electric shaver users how often do you shave with it?

thanks, this has been very helpful. :)
Uh, I shave every morning. I might even get bumps. I don't know. You really sound worried about not having facial hair.... :lol: Smooth skin is nice, I agree, but I think if you only shave once a week now, using a Mach3 Razor, you won't have to shave every day....maybe every other or something. It's different for every person, so you'll just have to try it and see what works for you.
i just have a high standard of keeping myself nice and clean cut for the ladies. 8) 8)

im going on vacation to Puerto Rico next Fri and ill take a pack of mach 3's with me. for a month til i get back ill see how the mach 3's work.