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What do you think of the new VW Microbus?

What do you think of the new VW Microbus?

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May 29, 2004
Volkswagen just decided to take the Microbus in production in 2007. It will be based on the VW Transporter.
I personaly think that they didn't do a good job on this. I think they should have left that Hippybus to what it was. Just cool.
Now they made it all modern and aerodynamic and stuff...

So what do you think? Did they mess it up or did they do a good job on `restyling`the Hippybus?

why bring back that hippy bus??
They left some styling cues from the hippy bus in there looks like.
Doesn't look to bad to me (for what it's intended for).
I like the concept of a new Microbus but it looks like it is going to be very similar to the new Beatle, which I absolutely hate. With the new Beatle, Volkswagen ignored pretty much everything that made the original Beatle an amazing car and spewed out some overpriced retro cliche.

If this new Microbus is very cheap, extremely reliable and easily customized\re-arranged I would like it, but it looks like it may just be another VW cash-grab.
Looks too retro, will be way too pricy and not even that practical compared to other minivans so it's pointless


SiR_dude said:

I agree. It's just terrible. they have gone too far. the original bus is a classic, but this is trash. I don't know anyone who would want to drive something like that. I know that all cars like that won't spend much time on the road, but should be banned.