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what do you use to play videos


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
well i just reformated my computer and i am wondering if u guys have a video player that everyone argees is good to use.

i mean i use to use real player, thought it was great but then loads of people says it sucks and i donno why

so n e one got a good video player?
A really good one is the "Video Lan Client" because it has built in codecs and will play just about everything.
But somehow I like the interface of "BSplayer" more. I guess this is my favourite!!!

Get em at www.bsplayer.org and www.videolan.org/vlc/

windows media player (classic)

windows and tools rule :p
Buba said:
A really good one is the "Video Lan Client" because it has built in codecs and will play just about everything.
I use VLC as well. Nearly exclusively.
TechZ said:
Use Media Player Classic that comes with the Mega KLite codec pack, it works with Real and quick time files via Real/QUick time Alternative that comes with the Mega Codec pack, been using it for years, love it.

i use the K-Lite mega codec pack as well, mostly with BSPlayer.
URUSoft ViPlay for most things (i have a PC remote cuz im lazy) and Media Player Classic for other things cuz it can skip through streaming media (WMP cant)
WMP10 for videos as I like the fullscreen controls. Only thing I use WMP for.

PowerDVD for DVD files/discs and Winamp for music.

I'd use VLC, but it's too... basic.
I tried VLC - sucks ass. It stuttered when playing a regular AVI file. WTF is that all about? The interface was also shitty so I went back to WMP9 (10 sucks).

One thing that pisses me off about WMP is that I can't fast-forward certain DivX/XviD movies. It used to work and then I was messing around with some codecs and now I can't get it to work like normal. So I use Winamp to play all of those types of videos (such as my Top & Fifth Gear videos :))
right now its WMP10 and Klite codec pack and everything seems to work :>

i wish someone would make a player with EVERYTHING u ever need to play videos with
media player 6.4 (oldest and best) just type mplayer2 in the run option
Media player classic (good real player support)