What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?

zyran said:
I'll be 27 in ten years. I hope to be an engineer for a major car firm or specialist car firms like Aston, Noble, TVR whatever. Should that not happen I'm gonna try politics, and pretty drastic ones.

I hate the fact that monarchy still exists in malaysia, and I believe no one has the right to be born a leader/king/whatver. The kings, sultans, royals take billions of our national treasury for their own shit like cars and I believe the money must be spent on something more important aka anything else.

I plan to announce my plan to overthrow the malaysian monarchy and begin the malaysian revolution. No i'm not joking.
Anything but democracy is slavery in my opinion. VIVE LA REVOLUTION!

It's funny how your priorities go though.
If I can't work with cars, then I may as well free my country. :lol:
well... within the next 10 years... me and jasonchiu said we would definetly have to travel Europe by Car, visit the Autobahn and drive the Nurburgring and defiently have to do the Gumball if I get the change.
As for the rest, I am happy with what I have... just wna live comfortably with a well paying job
Hmm, in 10 years... WTF, I'll be 33 then... And you guys are complaining :?

I'm going to be a dentist then for about 7 years, which is supposed to make me have enough money to buy a decent ride and a really nice house...
My ambitions... Beeing a good dentist, make my parents proud and give something back to them for al the things they have done for me... And have a supermodel like wife and maybe even kids, I guess... But I just can't imagine me being a Dad, so I'll stick to having a fit GF... I think I can see myself in that position really well ;-)

we also have a monarchy

but the king doesn't have a thing to say
he's there to give a certain presence, but actually, he doesn't do anything (isn't even allowed to)
Daniel said:
Overheat said:
In ten years I hope to have directed my first feature film and be merrily rolling in it or at least have worldwide critical acclaim :)

I wouldnt have thought that of you. Cool.

I want to get into the movie industry, but Im not that keen on directing.

I think my ultimate dream job is to be a writer, thats if I had the skills of course. Imagine how cool, you can travel around everywhere with a laptop and write about stuff that interests you. Either that or being an Acotr would be awesome....

Realistickly I think Ill study phsycology and maybe work with something within that. Maybe even inside the car industry.

Well, my primary dream is to become a world renowned F1 driver, but it's too late in my life for that one so it's an opportunity that I'll pass on to my children. My secondary dream was to become a critically acclaimed film director, which is something I'm well on my way to acheiving, and someday, I will.
I'll be dead from anoverdose after I become filthy rich, shag loads of supermodels and then blow it all on a five grand a day crack habit!
bone said:
live with a nice girl, have a nice home somewhere in the middle of nowhere (but not to far away)

and a calm, stress free life :)

i realy have no big ambitions, just be happy and live my own life instead of being lived
I. Hear. You ! :)

Man these times are trying to push us trough instead of letting us enjoy it.

I ten years from now, that would make me 43 ( eek! :blink: ), I hope to be able to let go of my second job ... to take on another one !:huh: With enough experience under my belt, I would be able to spend all my weekends at the dropzone earnings as a skydiver instead of spending money there from my second job. As for the rest, keep living the slow life I am living now... And travel more.

Renesis said:
what, a nurse and 80 grand a year?

what the fuck are you smoking?


Heck doctors make 100+ but nurses top at like 45
Never forget, young Padawan, you live in a socialist economy where the government doesn't want you to get ahead of anybody else.

Registered nurses, elsewhere, with talent and drive, can and do make that much. But I will agree they are only the cream of the crop.
I'll be 31..hopefully semi-retired...depends on how my investments this decade perform.

And they're suppose to perform good.

Like really good.

Yes, that good. :thumbsup:
I'll be 43. :wheelchair: :shock:
Uhm.. where's life's "undo" button? Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z! :lol:
On second thought, never mind, I don't want to go through that crap a second time. :thumbsdown:
Hopefully, I'll be doing a lot of this:
:tvhappy: :sleeping: :driving:
I think the thing you said about the Ctrl-Z thingy... people want to just undo the past 2 years of their life or something
I would never want to undo anything in my life. Everything happens for a reason :)

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