What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?

hrm, next 10 years, thats definitely an interesting prospect (ill be 31 at that time). I hope to be working for a major network provider or some other very well paying programming job. I hope to have a girlfriend, and either a 545i or a Touareg (depending on where I end up living). I definitely want to get out of Virginia, definitely thinking either northern midwest or further south, dunno, we will see :-D.

Possibly even work on getting some photographic works published, who knows.
I don't want to think about this as it gives me existential crisis feelings and sweaty hands....

I will be 39 in 10 years and hopefully have moved away from where I am now speaking another language.
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I am 41 NOW and I rather think in 10 years I'll have an old BMW, a cabin in Finland and a teaching/researching job.
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I hope that in 10 years the dust of this unearthing from a really not that shallow grave has settled so I can breathe again. :D :p

But in all seriousness, I hope to have found my own place to live by then. Or finally given up on it and spend the money on booze.
Well, let me see, I'll be 35 in 10 years... Thinking how fast the time flies is giving me serious creeps, but what I think I want to accomplish until I'm 35 is:
  • Getting a damn bachelor's degree in IT design. After six years of wandering through uni courses, failing exams, pausing the studies, working shitty, low-paid student jobs and deteriorating mental health, I finally found a uni course that I'm satisfied with, that has perspective, and that, if everything else turns out to be well, should allow me to be happy. Also, I'm feeling confident enough now that I'm actually putting effort in studying and doing all the other uni-related tasks.
  • After that, it's getting a permanent job. Some sort of long-term employment. Hopefully not a stressful, low-paid job that would leave me feeling miserable and like an underachiever. I'd really love if my future job had something to do with 3D modelling, photo and video manipulation, or generally some sort of creative stuff in the IT field. That's what I'm schooling for at the moment, and hopefully, one day I'll find a job in my field. Self-employment is also an option, as a matter of fact, I'd even prefer that, but I'd need experience and practical knowledge first, so that wouldn't be an option straight away after finishing uni.
  • Getting my own car. This isn't necessary per se, but it's something I wanted ever since I was a child. Ideally, I'd live such life that wouldn't require me to have a daily driver, so something more interesting could be bought as sort of a weekend car.
  • Becoming independent from my parents... as much as possible. So, learning how to be more self-sufficient. Learning how to cook properly. Do my own laundry. Clean my apartment properly. Stuff like that. It doesn't seem like something that should be too hard to my eyes, but it definitely takes some incentive, which I kind of lack. Also, I'd like to have a healthy relationship with my parents and not get too distant from them. I guess I'd want them to still be there for me if I need their help, and vice versa. That does seem like a healthy point of view to me, at least where I live.
  • Getting a hobby and becoming good at it. Whether it's some sort of digital art (which is what I'm most interested into, e.g. 3D modelling/rendering/drawing cars and similar), photography, playing a musical instrument, some sort of sport or writing a diary/blog, I want to find a pastime activity that'd fulfil me. Also, I'd like for that activity to be something I can constantly improve myself in and find pleasure through doing that. Currently, with all the uni obligations and current pastime activities, I don't have much time for a proper hobby, but I'm planning to change that as soon as things will allow.
  • Getting and maintaining physical and mental well-being. This is most likely the least interesting goal from this list in my eyes, but it's something that is necessary in order to function normally, and probably a basis for all the other things I'd want to accomplish.
  • Finding a romantic partner. I wouldn't want to be lonely, and I would like if I could find someone I get along with and spend my free time with. Not someone I'd get overly attached to, just someone who would support me, and whom I would support as well.
  • Travel a bit. I'd like to see the world around me! There are so many places I'd love to visit, however, as a goal, let's keep this realistic. Once or twice a year to some location I find interesting, like the Nürburgring, Iceland, Finland, Greece, North Macedonia, Georgia (the country)... And then on top of that, occasional trips to some nearer location, like different parts of Croatia I haven't discovered yet, or some of the neighbouring countries. Preferably with good company. But all of that after I find decent employment.
And I probably forgot a thing or two, but let's just say that's a semi-short list of things I want to accomplish in the next ten years. It's not exactly a short list, and I don't expect to accomplish every single goal from it, but generally, I'd like to finally steer my life in the right direction. Let's revisit this thread in some 10 years and see how much I'd accomplish.