What ever happened to the wiki?


Jun 12, 2008
When i started coming here i few years ago, i remember there was a wiki.

What ever happened too it? Any plans to bring back from the dead? Im sure with the vast knowledge of the shows, the final gear community would make an excellent wiki :)
It was not compatible with VB and was scrapped. Wikipedia itself is a better place for that information anyhow.
I do miss the final gear island thing we had on it though.
That and the religion.
It was barely used and a pain to maintain so we killed it.
Ah yes! Completely forgot about that. The Nurburgring island! :lol: Does anyone have a copy of the island image? I think I had one but lost it due to my HDD faliures...

Edit - Ah I found the thread!

Talking about the Wiki reminded me of the Arcade. Kinda miss that also...
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Arcade was great. And then guppy started cheating :mad:
I liked the old wiki, it was a pain at times because there was so much information to compile, but given time it would've stabilised. I know myself and plenty of others put quite a lot of time in to it. Meh.
Yeah the arcade was great :D