What foods do you love you were once hesitant to eat?


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Jul 23, 2006
For me, Cottage Cheese. It always looked so gross to me. After actually trying it, I can't get enough of the stuff. Mixing it with fresh fruit is awesome.

So, as the title says, what foods?
I'll usually eat anything I can get past my gag reflex...however, there are a lot of minor things I can't do...cottage cheese being one of them. I had some bad seafood once like 10 years ago, so now even walking past a seafood restaurant makes me not feel so hot.
Hmmm... I've never been very hesitant about trying any foods. I decide whether or not I like food based on taste. The only case I can think of is salad. When I was younger, I refused to try it, but now I like it.
I have a few which I used to despise which I now really like - olives, salt and vinegar flavour chips and miso soup amongst others. It was a matter of forcing myself to eat them until I started enjoying them, which isn't as hard as it seems. Right now I'm trying to make myself like raw capsicum. I don't mind it grilled but raw it just has such an unappealing taste. I put it in a salad on friday night and tried to eat a couple of pieces but I gave up because I didn't want to ruin my whole meal. I'm sure I'll come round to it eventually though, I haven't failed yet to make myself like a food.
Eggplants, for some odd reason. When I reached a certain age, I tried it again and loved it. Probably when I tried it as a child, it was not cooked properly.
1. Cheese - especially smelly French stuff
2. Mushrooms when I was little
3. Eggs - again when I was little
Blue Cheese - My father loved blue cheese and as a little kid I would get sicken by the idea of eating something like that. But as I got older and my dad keep trying to to feed it to me now I love blue cheese.
Everything. Almost ...

I used to be a "picky eater" as child and teenager wich made me also refuse to try new stuff. Now, I?m quite the opposite, always trying new stuff (if it?s not too bitter - still don?t like MEGA-bitter stuff) when I can get my hands on it.
So I could make a long list of things I used to not eat and now do eat ... 2/3 of all vegetables ... half of all meat ... all fish (when not in fishstick form) or seafood ... but I?ll just leave it at saying "everything" ... ;)
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Peppers and Onions.

My mom doesn't like them so I never had a chance to try them and just sort of built up this image in my head of peppers and onions being gross. When I joined scouts though you have to eat what they give you and when your really hungry you don't really care what's in your food. Now I eat them with everything.
Cottage cheese for me too. I used to think it was gross but now I eat it every day.
Asparagus and broccoli, I used to spit in my napkin when I was little and no I love it.
uh... the only thing i don't eat is bananas as a result of an unfortunate food poisoning incident when i was like 4 years old... other than that i am always down for trying new stuff... Like that bizarre foods guy only less fat and balding
Broccoli, anchovies, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, gorgonzola (still strange in a way but I'm slowly adjusting to it), mussels, and that's all I can think of for now.
Fish. I didn't like it when I was a wee boy, now I can't get enough :drool:
Sushi and Indian food.

When I was little both scared me. Now they're probably my two favorite types of food.
The following....

tacos, fajitas, tortillas etc. (for some reason I used to hate Mexican food when I was a kid)
cooked mushrooms (went through a stage of only eating them raw)
yellow capsicum (only used to eat red and green)
white chocolate (still prefer the dark stuff, however)
pasta (yep, as a kid I wouldn't eat pasta at all)
pork sausages
crackers with sunflower seeds in them LOL