What happened to Sport Compact Cars (SCC) and Modified Luxury and Exotics Magazines??


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Apr 15, 2005
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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In the last 4, 5 years I use to buy several american/english car magazines such as Sport Compact Cars, Modified, Modified L&E and, lately, Top Gear. Besides being such a pleasure to read them, it helped to keep my English reading skills.

Since the beginning of the year, apart from TG, I couldn't find the other ones any more (Fnac used to sell them down here). Doing a quick research in the interwebs, it seems that SCC is being restructured and their site now leads to Modified.com, but couldn't find any news related to what happened to ML&E.

I don't know whether any of you used to read them, but if so, is there any other news that they might keep publishing them?
All those magazines are still being published, for some reason your local bookstores aren't getting them anymore.
I'm pretty sure SCC stopped being published recently. The other smaller magazines are probably just in low demand. More and more people opt for reading things online rather than buying a magazine. This is true for even the biggest publications.
SCC is gone for sure, a bunch of friends were in the last issue (with the time attack stuff in it).

I believe the others are gone as well; they just didn't get notice to print a 'farewell' edition.

As as subscriber of SCC, sadly it is gone. Only the editors column in the Time Attack issue indicated their demise. But my need for them has largely passed as I switched my go fast cheep magazine to Grassroots Motorsport
Damn, that's sad... I will definitely miss the Ultimate Sport Compact Car Challenge....