What has happened to TGA

sucks what this network is doing to Top Gear Australia. speaking as an American, i do enjoy watching the Australian version as well as the American version that just premiered and, of course, the lovely UK original. i was watching some of the challenges in season 3 and they are great. plus the cars you guys have over there, a lot better than what's on the roads in the States these days...lousy hybrids.

i really hope the network stops dicking Top Gear Australia around. and if sadly gets canceled, i hope BBC Worldwide don't give them the rights to air Top Gear UK.
Between all the hosts and network shake up of Top Gear down under the last three years I'm rather shocked and disappointed w/our Aussie brethren. I agree with invisiblecake when he says he was warming up to the new cast, and it seemed like finally, the Aussies found a groove that fit in their own right. I can understand from a network standpoint that the ratings didn't even come near the original and as many presumed...including me, the only proper TG from the British isles, but to be fair, the redcoats have had 15 seasons to hone and perfect their madness; the croc hunters 2.5 seasons cause the third didn't even finish properly. When TG America FINALLY came to fruition I got really excited cause I thought "brilliant, in about a year from now Ill be watching the first ever Top Gear International Olympic special" except its Brits vs Yanks vs Aussies. You know, kinda like what they did in Lillehammer for the winter sports special & Belgium against the Germans from D-Motor, only this time with it's fan base from all 3 countries watching it not as an entertainment program, but in the same way you watch US vs Canada in the winter olympic finals, or Australia vs New Zealand in a rugby tournament; theirs pride involved. Sadly, I fear at this point, that's nothing more than a pipe dream...:(
You know, after suffering watching TG US I BEG TG AU to come back. It is literally LIGHTYEARS superior. The hosts have personality, so much so that they should rent it out to the TG US hosts.

I really hope TG AU gets another chance, if 9 kills it fuck them and the horse they fucked in on.
Just so you know, MtrCtyUnga, I'm a Not A Dude LOL.

But that would be a fantastic idea, if it had any hope of happening now. I'd watch it so hard.
Newbie here, for what it's worth the "Ewen and Shane find out if the humble family van is really as daggy as it appears" segment which none of us have seen was between a KIA Carnivale and a FORD Territory.... though being in the studio we only saw the lead in and out taped, not the actual segment itself. (It possibly has one of the funniest bits of TGOz to date) - though it's doubtful we'll see it. They showed the Brock Commodore at Phillip Island which looked ok....the "Pizzati" Lambo segment and a couple of others... Michael Clarke's spot was done at the same session.....
Yeah, Nine should be ashamed of themselves, this season was gearing up to be far superior to the other 2, and what do they do, stop it. Fucken ridiculous IMO. Let's get an old fashion lynching down at channel 9 studios going, who's with me :D
Calm down Spleeny.

At least you don't have to worry about being seen on TV. Most of the stuff they filmed at the taping we went to was for the episode Nine hasn't shown.