What is your dream car!?


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Nov 17, 2020
I'm gonna start by saying my favorite is the Ferrari F12 TDF. Definitely. What's your ultimate dream car?

Source: https://instagram.com/j.g_carphotography?igshid=1n16skxajj9l5
I don't really have one. My tastes change about as much as an American presidential term. Perhaps a Bentley Brooklands from the late 2000s.
Pretty much the same here. My taste changes quite a bit, besides, it's hard to pick just one car to do it all. But currently, I'm into slightly quirky, large and luxurious, yet at the same time inconspicuous and, relatively speaking, pretty mundane looking. And if possible, with a petrol engine and a manual gearbox.

Okay, I wrote that because there's a nice burgundy/red wine coloured first-generation Volvo S80 in my town, complete with a beige leather interior and a manual gearbox that I fancy a lot, and it seems to be in quite nice condition. It's not for sale or anything, but for some reason, I'm really starting to appreciate such cars. Also, I'm quite into Swedish cars from 90s, as much as they were nothing special compared to their predecessors.

But then, if I had to (and by that I mean like if I were really forced to) have just one car for the rest of my life, I think I'd pick the Porsche 944. No, it's not a reasonable choice. Nor is it an absolute winner in any category, apart from maybe looks, which is, again, highly subjective. The biggest dilemma would be Turbo vs S2. I do want teledials, but I also want the normally aspirated engine.

I also have a list of cars (in my head) that would be equally as good, maybe even better, or almost as good. Amongst them are a mint Mazda MX-5 (NA), BMW 320is (E30), various Lotuses, any pre-997 base-model 911, the previous-generation Fiesta ST (the only one sold in North America), Ferrari 355 Berlinetta, Honda Beat, Renault Sport Clio 182, and many more. Heck, these are just some that first came to my mind. And as I said, it'd be really tough to pick just one car to do it all. Either a small collection of cars would be preferred, or changing the car every once in a while.

EDIT: I just noticed that today's 29th of November, not 19th. Whoops.
It was the McLaren F1, the Gordon Murray T50 might replace it.


In both cases, NA V12, manual gearbox, center driving position with 2 passengers.
What's your ultimate dream car?
If only you knew how many threads have been started to explore the "dream garage" of 2 cars, 3 cars, 3 cars from 1978-1984, 2 cars and 2 motorcycles...

There is no way most of us could narrow it down to one, single dream car. I think this forum, more than most groups, has a good appreciation for a variety of cars for what they are. I would love a 288 GTO because I loved the 1:18 scale model I had as a kid, but I would also love a 1990s Land Cruiser.
80's quadcab long bed dually square body Chevy in pristine condition with all the toys, leather, restomods and the biggest engine we can squeeze into it.

Something like this but a quad cab:


You know, to drive to the shops like.

Let's be honest, you knew someone was going to post this next.
Hey man, if they actually made a car 2 lanes wide I would be all over it.......gotta assert that dominance over these cowards in their shitboxes, come live here for a while, you will understand. :p
Enjoy while you can.
From next year, unless you can prove its for professional means, you can no longer register those as cargo vehicles

Which means registration tax raises from 0 to 11000€, and yearly tax rises from 150 to 4000€

I'll be happy to see them go..elises for everybody!!

And I know you would be happy to see them go, you and the rest of the hatchcrap community, it's why people like you are the enemy and your mentality is why this continent is in such a sorry state.
And nothing...happy for you if you can afford those prices, but I think there are several for who that'll be too steep
Ok, I've made up mind for the moment. Porsche Panamera wagon.

So, because the Lotus Carlton (Opel Omega Lotus, for us on the continent) is the reason why I have a fetish for fast saloons, that would be one.
After that, I absolutely love the Pagani Huayra steampunk (ish) dashboard.
You just reminded me how obsessed I've been with the Porsche Carrera GT lately.


I don't know why, it just seems like a car that is a part of my childhood (I had a scale model of it) and that I was always aware of, but somehow neglected. Lately it came to me how much I like the slightly odd looks, the engine note, and, well... the interior. I'm all about funky late-80s-to-mid-2000s crazy coloured interiors! Also, the gear knob.


And then tonight I started thinking about how it couldn't possibly be the only car in my dream garage. But I'll leave those other cars for another time.

EDIT: I just found out a Rubystone Red CGT exists. Because of course it does. And I'm happy that it does!


I am a simple man. One of these adorned my bedroom wall as a kid. I saw one on a publicity shoot driving through idyllic suburbs. I do not think I will really have a full measure of life if I don't at least get to drive one.
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I am a simple man. One of these adorned my bedroom wall as a kid. I saw one on a publicity shoot driving through idyllic suburbs. I do not think I will really have a full measure of life if I don't at least get to drive one.

I love these, a coworker had one but he never did anything with it and let it sit under a tree. I was so mad and wanted to kick his ass. AFAIK he still has it and took it with him when he moved to North Carolina, but I don't know. :(
You ever need a hookup in the porn community hit me up, I know some people.
And I thought you were just a pretty face :p