What is your favorite 911?

I don't like 911s, but the original turbo is 70s enough to get a pass as a favorite


Oh that is excellent. Excellent plate as well.
This should go in the "green car thread" or whatever it is called.
Humf....that profile. <3
I second that. Naturally I would pick mine in the best colour they had - yellow.


Wow, I almost forgot how brilliant these looked in Yellow. I suppose the 996 and 997 are interchangeable for me after really studying them today.
The 964 Turbo S, in yellow:


This is probably the best 911 ever, but 996 Turbo remains my favourite.

If I had to choose a basic Carrera it would be a 997 cabrio, just because.

I guess my pick would be somewhere between the early and most latest models. I was blown away by the competence of the '73 911 Carrera RS 2.7, but I prefer the chrome bumpers to the RS's more racy items. So late 60s 2.2 911S or early 70s 2.4 911S? Or maybe the still the '73 RS...

Or perhaps I would enjoy decades of evolution. From current models, I can fully understand the love for 911R. I love it's classy look, and the 4.0 powertrain with manual must be superb. It's a perfect mix of classic and sporty 911.

That said, I would love to have 964 or 991.1 Carrera 4S as a daily driver. I once got a shotgun ride in 996.1 GT3, and I loved how raw the experience was. And 997.2 GT3 looks fantastic.. But it would have to be either really early car or the 991R.

Truth to be told, almost anything with fixed roof would get my vote. I've never appreciated Cabriolets. Even the current Targa doesn't get me excited, it looks fantastic, but it's just a cool concept. In reality, interior is full of turbulence and it's rather heavy.
So many posts without the RS 2.7 (until Lastsoul finally mentioned it). That would be very close to being mine. Then there is the GT3 RS 4.0 but its problem now is that the 991 R looks much better. I have a special connection with the 991.1 generation as it was new when I worked at Porsche. I would love a 991 C4S as a daily driver - and I really hope that in about 10 years I will own one.

The one I would pick though? A 1974 Porsche 911 RS 3.0