What shaving machine to buy?

When I was choosing which shaver to buy, I talked to another guy who was making a decision as well. He said if you have a very dense beard, the Braun is a better choice because it gives a closer shave than rotary shavers. However, keep in mind that the foil and cutter don't last as long as the rotary blades, and need to be replaced more often.


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I've had both the rotary and foil cutters, and I disagree. I have had my foil cutter for about 3 years and I have not needed to replace anything yet. It still cuts like it's brand new, my Norelco rotary would go through blades about once a year at the minimum.
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.....my Norelco rotary would go through blades about once a year at the minimum.
I had another Philips rotary shaver, and the blades lasted like 5-6 years. If your Norelco blades last only a year or less, then it could be some manufacturer defect; I think the instruction manual states that you need to change your blades every 3 years or something, but in reality they last more like 2 years because manufacturers lie about their product's reliability (most of the time at least).


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They will work up to two years, but it gets damn uncomfortable. I have a fairly thick beard and it tended to snag and pull. I don't have that problem with the Braun and I'm 3 years on the same foil and blade.


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I’ve been using Dollar Shave Club since 2012. So far the best blades even with the most basic one. I’ve tried Harry’s and that hurts so much to use. With dollar shave blades, I don’t need to use shaving cream. I typically don’t anyways since it feels like a waste of time.