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What should I be driving?

I did leaf through the minivans. Is it just me or has nobody done anything at all in that space in like twenty years? If they've so much as facelifted the things since I was in college, I can't tell.
I might have to *sigh* look at crossovers.

Not on my watch!


Try a Palisade or Telluride, see how they suit you.
They've been pretty well updated. My mom, a minivan enthusiast now driving an Outback because she's an empty nester and doesn't need a minivan, actually sent me this article this morning: https://apple.news/AIrXBASjMSTit1GVtnHAovA (works on non-Apple devices too)

Plug-in hybrids, gas-electric hybrids, all the tech you could quite possibly want, incredible middle-row seats that make you wish you were a passenger... it's all there.
Yeah, therein lies the problem. I don't ever intend to have anything two-legged in the back seats (hell, even in an Outback, the rear seats will be folded down essentially 100% of the time). All amenities behind the driver are pretty well wasted on me.
I go back to my vote for a Countryman.
2015+ Chevy Tahoe.

It ticks more boxes than you think, and will run forever and ever and ever and ever.
Avoid the 5.3L if you can.
Ehhh. A Tahoe is what I cruise over to Enterprise and get when I need to take 5 people on a road trip. I've driven a couple (and the related 'buban) and they're alright. Not something I'd want to deal with every day, though.

Plus, in today's used market those things carry payments like a friggin' mortgage, and low miles decent-spec units are above MSRP.

The more I look at the used market, the more it's dawning on me that buying anything even vaguely interesting used right now is just madness. Which should really have been self-evident, because that's why the entire topic has come up.
I go back to my vote for a Countryman.
You know, it's an awful enough idea I'll see if I can go drive one.

.... If I can figure out where there's a dealer. I don't think I've ever seen one.

(Edit: A shed next door to the less reputable BMW dealer.)
What'd you think of it?