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What the hell happened to the germancarfans.com forums??

What? :lol:

So have you found out what's going on? Do they have an IRC channel...like we do? :p
Or a main site where you can email the admin? :)
Ok will email them tonight since none of you know or care about whats happened to such a huge forum :x Some of our own members posted their...they could be dead! :eek:
For anyone interested, heres the reply I got:

We have decided to close all discussion forum sites with no plans of re-opening in the near future. Due to growing traffic (approx. 700,000 unique visitors from the main sites) spilling over to the forums, bandwidth costs have been rising. Ironically, despite the high amount of spill over traffic there hasn?t been enough participation to justify the cost and time that goes into maintaining the forums. In addition, the massive growth of all WorldCarFans.com sister sites is requiring more and more of our attention. Our main priority is to give our readers more value through new content and services. Just as we promised, in the past six months we have launched three new sister sites, added spy photo materials. In the coming weeks we will be launching an e-store containing over 6000 products from Motorsports teams and auto manufacturers. And over the remainder of the year, we will be introducing email newsletters, an all-new video section, RSS feed and the launching of EuropeanCarFans.com. It's a tight schedule which requires a lot of time and energy especially when it's only two of us who run the day to day operations. However, despite the closing of the forum we do plan to integrate a blog style posting system into our article pages. No time table has been set for this because we have enough to do already but it will definitely happen.

Thank you for your support and participation. The forums were closed on Sunday August 14th.

Makes me worried about our forum..they'r forum was 10x bigger than ours and its all gone just that like that!
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Makes me worried about our forum..they'r forum was 10x bigger than ours and its all gone just that like that!
but thats the point... it was too big. plus i think if bandwith gets too outta control, members are sure to help out financially. i know i would... and im a broke college student
Yeah, forums can be big, and have good content, as long as the members posting aren't idiotic...
Like Penny Arcade and Something Awful's forums are huge and still great. :)