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What time suits you best?

What time suits you best?

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  • 1-4 pm

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May 29, 2004
Concidering we have people from all over the world who want to play LFS together I run a poll and you will decide on what time we're racing.

If it's not a convincing result we might do different times every other week.

I removed the poll cause it wasn't that effective.

You need to convert your time into GMT+00.

Mine is: 11am - 12pm

PM = after noon

If the time is over 12 hours, subtract 12. So 16:00 = 4 PM.

And 4 PM to 10 AM GMT +0 is fine for me.
AM = at morning
PM = past morning

Not the correct words but that's how I remember it.

16:00 = 4 past morning = 4pm.
I am available from 12am-12pm I really don't care, it sucks that I can't have a more detailed poll cause now you can only select one zone...

Maybe I should add: If it doesn't matter don't vote!
It doesn't matter to me....whatever you guys choose.
Beinig from Germany, the old time was ok as well, but it would be even better for me, to have it at 5pm or something... This would also be better for the guys from around the Asia region... I believe its at 0 am then for them... Somehow better than 3 am... What about the US guys???

the best for me would be 9pmGMT or 4pmGMT... so I'm not sure which one to vote for... the range is too great
Maybe this wasn't a good idea, just name the times you can play. I'll remove the poll.

Mine is: 11am - 12pm
^Please name the starttimes if you say 7am-9pm you could begin the race at 9pm.

Else I would have to calculate stuff afterwards.

Hmm, dunno how to covert the time...

Perfect: 3 hours earlier (although I still can't make it next weekend then...)

Ok: Everything else...

Jostyrostelli said:
^Please name the starttimes if you say 7am-9pm you could begin the race at 9pm.

Else I would have to calculate stuff afterwards.


Well, then you should decide how long the race will last. I can begin at 9:30pm for example... But 30mins isn't really enough. By looking at deadlines, you can easily see the "window" of few hours most suitable for everyone.
My time zone is GMT -6 hours.
My sleep is more important than just about anything to me.
And usually I get a phone call at about 6pm GMT on saturdays.
So right where it's at (at 7pm GMT) or any time after that (8pm or later GMT) works for me.
Anything before 4pm GMT (10am local time) is probably something I won't be able to wake up for.
Doesn't seem that too many people hate this time.

Andy and Mr. Krazzy are the ones with the fucked up local times...

Maybe 2 hours later..?