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what to buy with 45k

what to buy with 45k

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  • Older, but still pretty modern.

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Jul 18, 2005
Los Angeles
Genesis Sedan 3.8
Lets say you came across around 45k and you want to buy a car. Would you rather spent it on a nice new sports/luxury/muscle etc. car or spend, for example, 30 grand for a Ferrari 308 in ok condition and put the rest twoard modernizing it/ resoring it/ getting it serviced and what not; throwing much of your common sense out the door knowing that this is going to be the only car you're going to have to live with for a while.

-Correctin change that second option to Older Classic
99+ 540i. And it is not new. The shape and contours with M Sport Package is awesome. Definitely on that. Spend the money to replace the wood with silver accents in the cabin, tint her, fix the damn cooling system on the BMW. Plus others.
45k USD will get you some damn beautiful new metal.
Ill probably get a brand new BMW Z4 or Acura TL....

But used is also a possibility, but something reliable like a Audi S4 or a BMW M3

EDIT: reason why i didnt pick super-sporty cars is because i live in the city...and city roads are terrible. Combined with a stiff suspension, you will snap your back in half. :?
Sports Car: Probably a Vette, Monaro, M3, Evo, etc.
Luxury Car: I dunno. 3 Series, some kind of jag, or merc, or lower end thing like that.

I would spend it on a car that is fairly new, but not brand new. Brand new cars lose 20% or so value when they leave the showroom, I've heard.

Of course, I would buy a Honda and leave the rest of the money to collect interest.
I'd get a Jag XKR and put a manual in it. :D
I'd get a WRX STi and spend the rest on modding it. :)
Older 911 all the way!

I will own one someday.
I was expecting to see much more exotic hardware on the used list. As for me?

Lotus S4s - spend the remainder on creating a Sport300 replica.
Ultima GTR - if I could find one used, and replace the v8 with a 3 rotor MSPRE.

or... if I was feeling practical:

BMW E34 M5 3.2 - and buy an FC Rx-7 Turbo II to play racecar with.
old people buy new cars, young people buy older peoples car when they die :thumbsup:
VWKafer said:
Older 911 all the way!

You are the man!!

911 Targa!

I would go for an M3. Under 20000 km, and 18 months, practically a new car. Still quite fast (once you do the vmax thingy) and awesome looks... Satnav and everything in it... ;-)