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What view do you use for LFS?


Oct 4, 2004
Clarkson's House
I'm guessing that most people use the inside view, but I'm thinking I might be less dangerous if I use the "behind the car" view.

Any thoughts?
I use the wheel view so that I can see my wheel angle. However, the inside view is nice due to the mirrors. :thumbup:
I think most of the people use inside view... I find it weird to drive with the car in front, UKD, there are mirrors so you roughly know where the cars are behind you, not that you care anyway :lol: , but having the rear-view mirror isn't good as well, cuz sometimes I focus so much on it that I fuck up
Inside cam :thumbup: GTI uses outside view, i though he's the only one crazy enough to drive with that view :lol:
Wheel view. Monitor is small enough to make an impression that I look through window. So restricting my viewing area even further with interior doesn't help... And of course you can see where wheels are going :)
i use this..

wow... thats a pretty cool view, but then you don't have any side-view mirrors...., btw MXM, if you're screen is small, mine is mini, I play off a 12.1" laptop screen, if I remember, yours was a 15" LCD
Mine is 19" LCD :p I had 15" while this was in repair.
But still, it's nowhere near a real car's windshield, so what's the point of using half of it to see a dashboard? I don't see it as making the game more realistic...
overheat... you play LFS?... join is on Sat nights!.... lol, you guys are complaining about having 19" LCD when I have a 12.1" and its fine by me :lol:
Overheat did join us last week for a while..

And I wasn't complaining, I just said I didn't see a point of having interior to cover 1/3 of the screen :) It's always same interior, it doesn't have any information-value. What's realistic and intertaining in this game for me is physics of racing, overtaking, controlling the car. Not graphics.
Of course if you consider seeing own wheels as unfair advantage, that's another thing... And developers said about possibility to force in-car view from server side in some league races. I hope this option will not be abused If it will ever be implemented.

In other games I always use "bumper"-camera.
I think everyone driving in-car view would make it fair... but I don't really care on our weekend races, its for fun anyways
I dont think that camera view makes a race fair/unfiar. If you feel like, drive incam, if not drive with outside view...everyone has the same options, and drives with whatever he feels most comfortable with. So i dont consider it unfiar if someone uses wheel view...
well... if they can see the wheels of the car, they can hit the Apex perfectly in without going in to ditch in the chicane... unlike us in the incar where we have to estimate and sometimes I get it wrong :lol:
andyhui01 said:
wow... thats a pretty cool view, but then you don't have any side-view mirrors....,
i don't need side mirrors, because there's nothing in them that you wouldn't see in rear-view mirror as well... it's still the same image, just copied over...
and when somebody is beside me, i just use look right/look left buttons, that i have binded on my wheel