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What's that song? Not TG or Fifth Gear


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Nov 24, 2004
I thought I would ask this in here rather than the What's that song forum since this song isn't on TG or Fifth Gear. I have an AVI of a game called VOOT (Virtual On Oratorio Tangrem <-sp). The avi is almost 8meg in length and shows highlights from the video game (for the sega dreamcast). The video is backed by a pretty good sounding (to me) techno song that I can't identify. I could upload it on to yousendit if anyone wants to help me identify the song. Just pm me.

Most video games don't have licensed songs. It's getting more popular now with Grand Theft Auto\Tony Hawk etc., but back in the Dreamcast era it was very rare to hear a licensed song in a game.

I'd say there is a 90% chance the song was comissioned and created purely for the game. If it's not one of the songs listed in Cvrefugee's link, try to play through the game and find the song composer's name in the end credits or find a manual and look it up there.