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Whats with this Dragonball Z crap on the tracker?


Mar 25, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
as above...

Isn't it for car and motoring related videos, not garbage.

someone dared uploading that junk?

he should be banned :evil:

but seriously, pussy manga shit doesn't belong on a car-related FTP
What's wrong with Dragonball Z?? Go Goku and Gohan says me :D It was a nice hangover pass time in the saturday mornings.

I always thought that the soaps on tv were slow pace but DBZ has them all beaten hands down. Makes it easy to follow when in the sobering up state...
I don't care how you happened to watch and get addicted. There is no excuse for this, friends don't let friends watch Dragonball Z. It is a decent show if your 11 and don't have GT4 or Project Gotham Racing 2, but this is a little excessive. And to think the new Fifth Gear was posted.
there is nothing wrong with DBZ, i love that anime. leave it alone...
It's a public tracker, guys. Anyone can use it and a lot more people than the users of this site use it. It's not our private tracker. ;)
DBZ would be okay if it didn't take 50 episodes for 5 minutes of real time to pass...

but even then I doubt it'd be suitable for anyone who has already experianced puberty...
You should see the episode where Goku fights the Legensary Super Seijin! I forgot his name, it started with B i think. The best damn episode I ever seen, and it finishes in a single episode too. :)
A. i dont like Dragonball Z but if anyone wants to see that its fine with me...
B. i dont care what you're spreading, but p2p is good :p (no, dont start uploading your porn collection, just keep it clean as far as porn concerned)
C. It is good testing for the tracker. i cant call it stress testing since it doenst really stress anything, but it is nice to know the tracker can handle more connections prefectly well. Might there be a problem, ill delete Dragonball Z without a problem.

any more questions? :p