What's your car?

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Jan 14, 2004
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I joined this Forum yesterday and I already feel at home, so I had the idea to start this topic. :)

I?ll beginn:

I own a VW Polo '96 1.4 16V with lively 100 bhp and some nice little extras like AC, electric windows+door mirrors, 4xdisc brakes, central looking, some audio, etc...
Ok, not the greatest car in the world, but still it has enough power to have some fun with it. 8)
And regarding the fact that I?m looking forward to my 20th birthday this year and I?m still going to school I think I can?t complain. :wink:


PS: I?m looking forward to some reactions...
I'M 16 and don't own a car. Just got my liscence this monday so in 8months I'll be able to drive alone legally if I pass the test :) I currently drive my mom's 2001 Chevy Cavalier :?
i take the bus, does that count???
u have eleanor and you're gettin a 3-series bimmer??
350 or 500?? good condition and do u have pics??
its a 289 auto, just a plain old 'stang , its in great condition and its all original, i'll try to get pics later (comp overloaded right now :( )
mr Loser has two cars, im impressed.


I haven't got a car yet... NO MONEY :(

But I drivemy dad's 1996 peugeot 406 2L 16V
I currently drive a Honda Civic TypeR and have an AMC Gremlin somewhere in the garage.
Couldn't afford a modern M5 when I sold the old one. :(


2004 Audi A4
2003 GTi 1.8T

What can I say, I like ze german cars :). The GTi is having bad tranny problems, I had to get first gear and the synchros replaced. Can't complain about the A4 though :-D

Hate to admit it, but would you believe a 1983 Toyota Corolla, 300,00kms on the clock. Sold the Lancer to buy a house. Think it was the right thing to do at the time
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