What's your car?

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The orange one :p



My little, underpowered, proton. 600km's on the Sepang F1 circuit already, best time of 3mins flat. Good considering the lack of power :(.

vRS said:
Me too, how much power has it got? nice mods you have on it btw ;)

a mere 107HP/140Nm at the wheels :(. A change of camshafts, matching tuned 4-2-1 headers, and a piggyback should see that go up to a little more than 120HP but that would be the mechanical limit for this engine without getting forged internals made as well as a standalone. At which point I might as well get a 1.6 MIVEC transplant.

The car shares a similar chassis to the Mitsu Lancer, so even the Evo engines are a bolt on affair.
I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Since my brother has an STi, i cant get the same car out here in the midwest.... so i bought the next best thing:

2007 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon $26000 out the door.
Has roof racks(didn't install them yet)
Short Throw Shifter
Rear bumper cover(kinda cool looking)
It's got an Ipod auxillary input! so excited about this

Have fun it with (dumb thing to say, of course you will! :p). Guess you dont' mind the flying...well, you know...
Nice car, good choice! (But even with the bonus of an Ipod connection that stereo somehow looks rather rubbish imo. Anyway, if it does its job properly, you'll be off fine with that as well.)
WRX Wagon. Excellent choice there! Love that colour on it too!
Sweet car AxlxA. So that grey STi in your old sig was your brother's? LIAR!!!1 :p
This is my 2006 Vauxhall Astra 2.0 Turbo



so yeah this is my car, been near 1 month I had it. Has some problem, but does the job of getting me to point a to b.

Toyota Corolla DX 1995



And the main reason I brought it...


4a-ge 20 valves (silvertop)!
Hey guys, I'm new to the forums.

Anyways, here's my 1978 BMW 320i, just got it 3 or 4 weeks ago for 900 bucks. I love it. So much fun to drive.


Eventually I am going to do a Euro bumper swap, Alpina wheels, and suspension. I have to wait till spring time though.
BMW M5 said:
Eventually I am going to do a Euro bumper swap, Alpina wheels, and suspension. I have to wait till spring time though.

That's by far the most important thing to do. Apart from the bumpers, nice car!
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