What's your car?

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:drool: :drool: :drool:

That's my realistic dream car right there. Colors and everything. :cry:
I'm 20 and I drive a BMW 330ci, I have owned the car for more than 3 years and im looking for some thing new. Im either going to get a 997 S or the E92 M3, more than likely the E92 M3 once it comes out.
Parents own a Renault Kangoo 1.4 (old model) and an Audi A6 1.9 TDi (old model - but still really nice)

My dream car is probably the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster.
It sure is a hassle keeping it clean out here in the desert, but when she's clean...looks so great! :D
Yeah black cars are really hard to keep clean, particularly in dusty areas. Too bad eh. Just enjoy it though, who cares how it looks!

Nice photos btw!
Yeah..it is crap at times. From driving to the Subie meets every Friday to just living between two dry lakebeds...it's bound to get dusty :p

But nothing beats black pearl when it's clean :D
Very nice Silverstar (I share your pain about black cars - Mrs. fbc's car is black)
Aye :(. I flirted with getting it in silver, but the Cavalier was silver, and the car I drove before that was also :D

I also drive this on occasion, but my mother uses it mostly. Got it since the Cadillac was falling apart, and she liked driving my dad's F-150 when we had it years back.

'07 Ford Sport Trac.

It's not all that bad then what I expected when we went to look at it. Has a pretty descent interior, first year that they had V8's as an option. Being that we'll be moving some time early next year, we can use it to haul my car on a trailer :D. Was trying to find a SUV for her at first (she has no idea about vehicles. And well, dad is no longer here to help out), was leaning towards the new RAV-4 or Highlander, but she liked the looks and the idea that it had SUV room inside with truck hauling capacities on the outside.
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No thanks, I like my pearl :)

Wonderful car though. Black in general is great.
MacGeek, you lucky bastard!

I've read the 159 and Brera are supposed to have a "slight redesign" before entering the U.S. market next year. Hopefully, they won't screw it up too much.
^LOL nice car fellow Sydney-sider.

Errr what's the difference?
The name?:lol: Other than the slight pearl coat in mine, my car's black is just like any other car's black.....by being black:D
im as asian as a fortune cookie

Diamond Bar? You must be asian :D

I used to live in the town next to that when I was really young and it was full of Asians as well :lol:... Asians just dominate everywhere I go, even my uni down here is dominated by Asians :lol:
2003 BMW 540i M-Sport Six Speed
29,xxx Miles
Dinan Stage 2 Software, Dinan Exhaust, Dinan Cold Air Intake, Dinan F/R Sway Bars

I love seeing all the cars here, especially the ones from overseas that we can't get hear...because North America sucks in that regard!

2002 Mazda Protege5, probably called the Familia or just 323 across the pond.


don?t think we have it over here...... Mazda 323 looks different in Germany


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