What's your car?

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330i - That would be a fine performer! Only thing I don't like about it is how its button-fest on the steering wheel but other than that, its quite a looker and sweet looking interior. Ohh and I think it could use a vaccume but then again, whos car doesn't!
SL65AMG~V12~612BHP!!!!!!! said:
Only thing I don't like about it is how its button-fest on the steering wheel but other than that,

Not really, it's quite easy. The buttons on the right are the cruise control. The buttons on the left are the radio controls and car phone.
Yeap, quite right...both for the buttons on the steering wheel explanation and the statement that it could use a vaccume again ;-)

In defense of my car I have to say that it's in constant travel-mode since mid march...which is the last time I've been at my home base :lol:

And it acutally performs quite well. The sports package that it has really makes a difference when you push it harder. And with the correct driving style and 100 octane fuel you can get it into the electronic limiter quite well I have to say.
Well, i'm like six months or so away from getting whatever I will, but at the moment, there is three cars in my household.

1994 Jaguar XJ6 3.2l Sports - Fathers
1985 Porsche 944 2.5l - Brothers
1985 Nissan Blurbird - Aunties (She's living with us for a bit, only needs a cheap banger to get around and get to work :p)

I'm planing on getting a 1980s S2>S3 BMW 635CSi, I love 'em :mrgreen:
Speaking of German cars...


That's my dad's 1965 VW Microbus (21-window). Eventually he wants to restore it since that's not the original paint color/scheme. Fully restored models can fetch up to $20K.

Here are the rest of our cars:

Those microbus's are so cool. I've never been in one in my life. Its about as German as it gets aye...how hard would it be to nick the VW badge on the front cos its soo big.
Now we can talk about the car :p

Have you had any problems with a leaking roof? I know someone who owns one just like that (same colour and wheels) and she says that the roof leaks everytime it rains :?
drove it home in the rain, no issues.

That said if u put a high pressure hose on the passenger side it has a small leak, but it looks like the rubber around the window is broken. This doesn't leak at all in the rain tho (even heavy rain, the car is parked out-doors at the moment and it's raining relatively heavily on and off)

Likely if hers leaks she needs either new seals or a new soft-top...
I've got 'ma 1.4 Honda Civic and it does me fine 8)

The main reason i bought this car was for reliability more than anything, i have to travel quite far to work each day so i thought i'd best go Japanese. The reason i have such a small engine is basically because i have very little money. :lol:

couple of cars actually..

my dad - 2004 E320 avantagard

my mom - 2006 SLK 200Kompressor

mine - 1997 E320 Sportline
- 2005 Honda S2000
- 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS
SL65AMG~V12~612BHP!!!!!!! said:
Nice nice...got any pics?

not really, since i lost my digital camera last week sometime, which only leaves me the option of using my cellphone as a camera...

bear in mind that the picture quality is gonna be poor..
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