What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?


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Dec 11, 2005
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1997 BMW 528i
We have a "New Toys" thread in the Technology subforum so this one is for everything else.


Basically an illustrated version of the zombie accounts in The Zombie Survival Guide. The art is good and it is a quality product but I would have liked to see the stories expanded or some new stories that were not covered in the guide.

I also just bought:

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a bottle of budaberg red....

I feel quite bogan now
Question about the zombie attack book: Were the bodies accidentally unearthed from a shallow grave by construction workers?

I just bought a new fuel pump! walbro 255lph

LOL, so I did I, it just showed up today. I also bought a Quafie, caliper rebuild kits, pretty much anything rubber on the fuel system, new fuel lines, new hard brake lines, a bunch of powder coating, and the list goes on and on.

Nothing like having a project car rob you of all your money doing crap you didn't intend to do yet.
I just bought a bottle of this.
Just bought me one of these puppies, hopefully it doesn't take forever to get here.


Don't worry, I didn't order through Vivid, I hear they're terrible.
I bought 2 metres of magnetic tape from eBay.

Mainly to stop the toilet seat lid from slamming shut and startling me.

Bet you wanted to know that.

Jimmy John's Big John.


Yum. (Not my pic, googl'd)
A set of Rome Targas

I bought some undies, but is not necessary to post pic, right?
#10 combo (Chicken/Bacon/Ranch burger, breaded chicken) with fries and a coke at Sonic.

And then 10 gallons of 87 unleaded at Sheetz.
I bought popcorn chicken yesterday.