What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

A vaguely lynchian vintage sideboard.
- Train tickets Hamburg - Prague on September 30th
- Hotel in Prague September 30th to October 1st
- Train tickets Prague - Poprad (Slovakia) on October 1st
- Hotel in Poprad October 1st to 4th
- Rental car in Poprad October 2nd in the morning to October 3rd in the evening
- Train tickets Poprad - Prague on October 4th
- Hotelübernachtungen in Prague October 4th to 6th
- Train tickets Prague - Hamburg on October 6th

Everything for my mum and me so she can visit the military cemetery where at least the name of my grandfather (her father) is written in a memorial book. He went missing in the vicinity of Poprad just six weeks before the end of WWII and never returned. :( I've been there in 2014 before the balkan roadtrip, but she has never been there so I organized the whole trip with a couple of overnight stays in Poprad and Prague so we have a bit of time to do something else than just visiting the cemetery.
Is a steamer a non-technology purchase?
Is a steamer a non-technology purchase?
Yes I would say cooking equipment generally counts as non-technology. Unless you mean a steam engine, which is up for debate. :p
I’d very much like to then call them out for selling 750ml of distilled water under a bs name for 9€. Quick maths tells me that’s about a 4000% markup vs a random drugstore…
Damn, you can get 5 litres of distilled water from a car maintenance place for around half that. I know this because I only use distilled water in my cars.