What's your mobile phone history?


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Dec 7, 2004
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Basically, I'm curious with what brick all of you guys started, and what you have now.

I'll start myself.

I started out with the Swing by KPN (a big dutch carrier).

From that I made humongous leep skywards with this tiny (still by today's standards) phone. The Ericsson R600

After having used that for nearly 3 years I got myself a 2-year plan with T-Mobile resulting in the Nokia 6600 which I got for exactly 0,-.

Another 2 years go by and it's time to renew the 2-year plan. Time for the Nokia N70.

After a year I got fed up with the sluggishnish of the thing and I got a 6230i somewhere very cheap. Still using this happily at this moment.

At the end of this month, the 2-year contract is about to end, and I have decided to pick up the new Nokia N82.

Well, this should be about it I think. Expect my next post in 2 years time. :p
1997 - Motorola 2000e
1998 - Motorola 6000
1999 - Nokia 6190
2000 - Ericsson T28w
2001 - Nokia 3390
2003 - Sanyo 8100
2005 - Sanyo 8300
2007 - Sanyo M1
2008 - LG Fusic
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Well, I started out with this. It was a great phone, but lacked functionality.

Next I made a big step forward. A COLOR SCREEN!!!!!

Then I moved on to become a Nokia man. Not the most brilliant phone in the world, but it worked.

And then in the summer of 2007, I bought my pride and joy:

Can't complain with it since it does everything I want. 3.5mm headphone jack, SD slot, Google Maps, Gameboy Emulator, decent camera (without that shitty auto focus crap).
Okay my history goes like that:
Motorola CD920

Ericsson T28 World
Motorola V50 "Millenium"

Sony Ericsson T630 (Got stolen, I'm still happy about it :mrgreen:)

Samsung E630 (Current)

Also, I have a spare phone if the Samsung's battery runs out, and it is:
Motorola V980

I also own a semi-brick Siemens SL45 which barely works

At about September I can upgrade the Samsung, so I hope the new Samsung F480 will reach my operator and I could buy it! :p
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Started with a Benefon Io:


Replaced after a few years with the Nokia 3210. One of my favourite phones of all:


That got stolen, so I got this slick thing. Was really pretty and stylish, but the battery life was poor and i missed the Nokia's responsive menus. The Ericsson r320. Mine was the blue:


It was also quite fragile, and after about a year it just stopped working so i went back to the light side and bought the Nokia 3310. THE sturdiest phone i've ever had. Once dropped it from 10 meters onto a paved road, just had to collect the parts and put it back together again:


After it had used up its usefulness, i got the phone i liked the least of all, Siemens CX65:


Was quite releaved when i could get this, my current one. Nokia 6280:


Probably time for another replacement now. I'm sticking with Nokia, probably. Any suggestions? :)
This is my fourth one of these phones. All four of them were within the first year free replacement warrantee thing when the keys on the front of all them stopped working. Talk about a brick. My current one is having the same problems too, half the keys on the front only work half the time, but since the year ran out early last year I can't get free replacements anymore so I've been stuck with it till March when I get to upgrade.


Note that photo is from last year, hence the date shown.
Probably time for another replacement now. I'm sticking with Nokia, probably. Any suggestions? :)

iPhone :p.

I should probably say something productive instead of just trolling IceBone. :)

To be honest I don't care too much about my cell phones, but here is my history.

Samsung VGA 1000

Nokia 6165i

Nothing exciting, but I am more concerned with coverage than the actual phones; in the US CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) is really the only way to go if you plan on going outside of a city.
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If this is your 4th replacement, don't you think it's time to switch to something that's not crap?
Interesting thread, like the psychedelic smart phone.

This is my current phone:


Only had it for about a month, before that I had a 3510i (don't need to post a pic of that :D)
My first phone was an ericsson something that I can't find a photo of. It wasn't very good.

My second phone was a Motorola V551 which was crap. The speaker in the earpiece became detached and so I had to always use speaker phone. I sent it in and the antenna fell out of the second one so I had very poor reception until I rigged up a paper clip to act as an antenna.

My third and current phone is a Samsung Sync and I love it. Its light, thin, good battery life, easy to use and quite durable.
Quite a varied list from me (if you like Nokias).

It all started with a Motorola StarTac.


Then I progressed onto another Motorola, a M3788e. The thing that most amazed me with this phone was the ability to access your phone book when sending texts.:blink:


Then the start of my love affair with Nokias. Firstly a 5110.


Then a 3210.


Nokia 3330


5510, god I loved that phone.


A deviation from Nokias for a Sony J70. The jog wheel was an immense idea.


6310i. Incredibly advanced for it's time. Bluetooth, java games and everything.


Nokia 5210. Survived many games of rugby being used as the ball. Met it's demise at the hands of concrete dust.


3510i. First colour phone.




7600. Probably the oddest phone I've owned and also my first camera phone.


Some shitty Motorola that I can't remember the name of. It was the size of the moon.

Sharp GX-10i


Nokia 3220


Nokia 1110


Nokia 6234


And last but not least. Nokia 6300

I started of in 1999 with some elcheapo Motorola brick, battery died after only 3 months and i was refused warranty. Replaced with ye olde faithful, the Nokia 3210.
After nearly 30 months it was replaced by a Nokia 8210. Useless piece of shit phone, screen started to show problems after just 6 months and after 11 months the screen completely died.
It was replaced by a Panasonic GD87 with Vodafone Live. Liked the phone pretty much, although i grew tired of the clamshell design, and after 2 years it was really done for.
It got replaced by a Sony Ericsson S700i
I really loved this phone. It had a great camera, long battery life and some nice functions. After almost 2 years i started to need a decent PDA to keep my calendar up to date, so i went looking for the phone that would suit my needs best. It became the HTC P3600.
Still love it, although it's one of the early series so the paint on the bottom is starting to slowly peel off. Updated it with a Dopod Windows Mobile 6 ROM and lots of HTC Kaiser software. It also runs TomTom, so it doubles as a satnav system. And i love the fact that i can now send e-mail rom anywhere.
Like a lot of people, I started off with a Nokia 3310. Things were built like a brick shithouse.


Then I got a Siemens C45. It didn't have any redeeming features, other than being really cheap and well built.


I had this phone for ages. It wasn't bad, in fairness - as sturdy as the Nokia 3310. I had it so long, and I was so bored of it, that I started to get slightly careless. I noticed it spun really well if it was sat on a table. So I skimmed it across wet grass, and it worked really well. I skimmed it across puddles, fine. And once I skimmed it across a local pond. Didn't have any ill effects. I was too poor to replace it, really. Until I noticed a deal offer in the window - sign up to the new "3" network, top up with ?10, and a phone could be yours for ?30. So I got an NEC e228 (the C45 I gave away to a phone recycling charity).


I loved it. It had 2 cameras - one pointing front, one pointing back. It had internet access. The keypad was comfortable. It's only flaws were it's size - it was quite big - and it's lack of bluetooth or infrared, meaning to get photos off it you had to email them. It even had a memory stick slot, which a few years ago was rare for a cheap phone. I still long after it today - it was really comfortable to use.

However, I decided it was time to move on, so I went back to Siemens, as they were pretty rare. So I got a Siemens CX65, and gave the NEC to charity.


It was almost entirely forgettable - I'd forgotten I had it 'til someone above mentioned it. The few things I remember is that the front was very flimsy, and if someone called you two tiny strobe lights on the front started causing you epilepsy. And since I liked having the latest tech, when I saw the Carphone Warehouse had decent phones in it's january sale, well, I had to get one. A Siemens S65 (with the CX65 going to a company that paid you to take old phones off your hands, netting me ?15).


It was designed for businessmen, but it'd flopped a bit, hence it being available for ?50, SIM-less, in the sales. I had to go to 6 different CPWH shops to get it, all over Glasgow, but in the end I got it. I was over the moon. It could play games, it could connect to IRC, it had a 1 megapixel camera, it had bluetooth, it was great all round. It looked good in your hand, too.

Then, in September 06 I started uni. Nothing odd there. However, on Tuesdays I had 2 hours of lectures at 9am then nothing 'til 4pm. So I had a big gap, which I usually wasted by window shopping. And during one of those window shopping breaks, I saw that CPWH had an offer on, where by you got ?50 free if you signed up to a contract. And free money is always good.

Being young and naive, I signed up. By some coincidence I had proof of address in my bag. And I got a Sony Ericsson W850i (the S65 I eBayed, for ?25. I was gutted when it went).


Really like this phone. With a 4gig memory card in it, it replaces my mp3 player. I like it's 2mp camera. And I love the fact that 18 months on I still stumble across a new feature now and then. It took me 3 months to realise there were 2 extra buttons on the top of the phone. A couple months back I learnt that the on/off button flashed red if you were out of battery. Stuff like that.

Sadly though common sense didn't bear out. When I signed up for the contract (an 18 month contract), I forgot for at least 6 of those months I'd be in France, rendering the ?25 a month contract useless. Oops.

Anyway, I'm a couple weeks from the end of that 18 month period, and when it's over I'm hoping to haggle myself a new Nokia N95, or LG Viewty. Not sure which yet. (or a K850i, if they're out yet).

Oh, one addendum :

My French phone.


It's very small, and that's it's only advantage. Oh, it also has su doku on it. Other than that, it calls, it texts, and that's it. It is very very basic. It also likes to turn itself off every 5 minutes or so, which is a pain. I wish I'd shelled out an extra ?10 or so to get a camera, at least.

Yes, I have 2 phones at the moment. They're a pain to carry about simultaneously though, so the French one goes about with me whilst the UK one stays in my flat. Which is a pain since I found the phone camera really useful.
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My first phone was my mom's, she got a new one so i got this(yech) :

Nokia 2100

Got this from TechZ after he got one:

Nokia 6610

Bought this second hand (i know, no NEW phone yet):

Nokia 6600

Finally bought a phone, with my own money:

Nokia 6630

Got off the nokia binge, since they currently make a whole lot of garbage, got myself a nice looking phone, form over function

SE S500i
1) The sex

2) Utter shit

3) Work horse. Reliable, a bit slow in menus

4) (current) does everything i need from a phone






Cheap, crappy, heavy toy :) Destroyed.

One of all time favourites. Dropped one too many times :(

I kinda liked it. Had an oldskool feel to it, only scaled down. Flap at the front, antenna was extendable. Lost it.

It was really hightech back then, first phone with java I think, mp3, all that crap. Terrible quality tho, it basicly disintegrated after a while.

First "smartphone" for me. Was too large though and not very comfortable to use. Also extremely slow.

Good workhorse. Really well built, still feels like a brick, even though I don't really take care after my phones. Symbian = still slow. Stopped using it because I wanted n95 badly :)

No comments :)
First phone I had was the Motorola C333


Followed by a Samsung VGA thing...


My current phone is a Motorola C261


The phones I have/had aren't exactly the best by far, but then I make do. Pretty basic phones, but they get the job done.