What's your mobile phone history?

-Siemens A50: My first phone,bought it in 2004 or 2005 with my own money! (i was 9 years old at the time).


-Motorola Razr V3 Black: I always dreamed about owning a V3 but my parents never gave me one,so in 2008 i finally bought one!


-Motorola A1200i: My first "smartphone", bought in 2009, i was the only one in my family who had a touch screen mobile phone at the time:p


-Apple iPhone 4: Bought in 2010 and was stolen in 2013.


-Motorola Razr i: Bought in 2013 after my iPhone was stolen


-Samsung J5: Bought in 2016 after my Motorola Razr i stopped working

I have to say that I think the iPhone 4 and 5/5s/SE is a timeless design and doesn't look dated even today. Ok, maybe the 4's glossy back makes it look aged but, that's it.
I have to say that I think the iPhone 4 and 5/5s/SE is a timeless design and doesn't look dated even today. Ok, maybe the 4's glossy back makes it look aged but, that's it.

The iPhone 5 in Slate is one of my favorite phones. Period.
May as well record the history somewhere...

Nokia 3210
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3200
LG U8360
Nokia N73
Nokia N96
HTC Desire
HTC Desire HD
Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)
HTC One (M7)
HTC One (M8)

Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6s
Apple iPhone 7
Here is mine.

Nokia N70 Music Edtion (Software issue. Wouldn't boot up. 3 or 2 years of usage.)

Nokia N78 (Some buttons stopped functioning. Back button, clear button. 2010 Dec - 2014 Jan)

LG Nexus 5 (Current, 2014 Jan)

I made quite the jump in tech :lol:

LG Nexus 5 (2014 Jan - 2015 Nov) Still working! Although with a wonky GPS and malfunctioning powerbutton)

LG Nexus 5x (2015 Nov - 2016 July) Dropped it in the toilet <_< The expense to amount of time used ratio is very high with this one. Probably the highest of anything I had ever owned.


LG Nexus 5 (2016 July - 2016 Oct) Back in the game till I got the...

Google Pixel (2016 Oct - Current)

Wow... have I really not posted since?

Anyway, continuing the fanboyism, I went with an
HTC Desire (mum still has it)


HTC One S (was given to dad, but is now a backup)


HTC One (M7) (now dad's)


And now I'm on the

HTC One (M9)

The M9 was slightly disappointing, so it's gone to dad, who didn't mind its shortcomings. Now I'm on the HTC 10, an all around substantially better device.

My first phone was my mom's, she got a new one so i got this(yech) :

Nokia 2100

Got this from TechZ after he got one:

Nokia 6610

Bought this second hand (i know, no NEW phone yet):

Nokia 6600

Finally bought a phone, with my own money:

Nokia 6630

Got off the nokia binge, since they currently make a whole lot of garbage, got myself a nice looking phone, form over function

SE S500i

wow, havent updated this in almost 10 years


Nokia 5230

Nexus 4 (an 8 then a 16GB)

OnePlus One (still have it)

my current OnePlus 3T 64GB in gunmetal, with a dbrand skin
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From 1999, Nokia 5110 and some other comparable Nokias, then a whole load of cheap-as-chips stuff from Siemens and Sony Ericsson until I upgraded to iPhone 4 in 2011 due to work. I've been on that track since, used a 4S since 2012 and got an SE in December.
Oh wow, this still exists...
I dug up my previous post in this thread, from 2008... :wheelchair:
I started of in 1999 with some elcheapo Motorola brick, battery died after only 3 months and i was refused warranty. Replaced with ye olde faithful, the Nokia 3210.

After nearly 30 months it was replaced by a Nokia 8210. Useless piece of shit phone, screen started to show problems after just 6 months and after 11 months the screen completely died.

It was replaced by a Panasonic GD87 with Vodafone Live. Liked the phone pretty much, although i grew tired of the clamshell design, and after 2 years it was really done for.

It got replaced by a Sony Ericsson S700i

I really loved this phone. It had a great camera, long battery life and some nice functions. After almost 2 years i started to need a decent PDA to keep my calendar up to date, so i went looking for the phone that would suit my needs best. It became the HTC P3600.

Still love it, although it's one of the early series so the paint on the bottom is starting to slowly peel off. Updated it with a Dopod Windows Mobile 6 ROM and lots of HTC Kaiser software. It also runs TomTom, so it doubles as a satnav system. And i love the fact that i can now send e-mail rom anywhere.

Let's pick up from there.
The P3600 got replaced with an iPhone 3G

Which was nice when I first got it, but Apple's planned obsolesence back then made sure it was a royal pain in the ass to use 18 months later.
That, and not liking some of the iOS idiosyncracies, led me to try an Android phone as my next, the HTC Sensation.

Which was not bad, but HTC bringing out a flagship phone and then three months later bringing out an upgraded version of it with improved everything kinda pissed me off. Them promising updates but never finishing them pissed me off further.
Sometime when owning this, I joined HTC's beta program in order to try firmwares earlier, and somehow HTC decided to offload some nigh-unsellable Sensation XLs on us as a thank you.

Used this as a backup phone for some time, and fucked around with custom roms on it, but never used it much. It being a single-core SoC in a dual core time didn't usability.
After HTC I decided to try something new, and liked the looks of the Sony Xperia Z.

The software was nice, but the totally square non-design was a bit of a pain, and ruined at least 4 pairs of pants.
So what do you do when your large-ish phone ruins your pants with its sharp corners? Right! Get something bigger! SHAMU!

Yup, the Motorola Nexus 6. My favourite phone thus far. Still love it, although I've always found it a tad on the big side, everything else about it was just fabulous. Dropped one, shattered the glass, and used the insurance money for the screen repairs to buy a second hand one, because that was cheaper than getting a new screen. Was really hoping Google would do something equally awesome with their flagship phones in 2016. Sadly, they fired the almighty dud that was the Pixels. Hugely overpriced, and never officially released where I live, so only available with an even higher price(!) locally without any warranty because grey imports, or going abroad and getting one there. So I was looking at Nexus 6Ps second hand. Well, when the successor to something quite populair is not really available, guess what happens to second hand prices of that item. Yeah, not really looking forward to spending 400ish eur on a second hand 2 year old phone. So I started scouting the market, and liked the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which is where I am now.

Luckily, they really toned down the samsung-ness of the software, and the hardware also feels quite nice.
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The E51 was my last Nokia. I still have it in a desk drawer along with the N76. After that I've had iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S and now a 6 Plus.

Phew. :lol:

And two years later, I'm still rocking the 6+, now featuring a fresh battery. It still works flawlessly but I have to admit it's getting a bit long in the tooth. I was thinking of holding out until the rumored 8, but I'm not sure I want to anymore. I also kind of want to go back down in size to a normal 7, but I'm weary about battery life and less screen real estate.
Motorola v180 (had two of these).
Some LG or Samsung, don't remember.
iPhone 3GS
HTC Droid Incredible 2
Sony Xperia Z3v





I'll miss my Sony - hands down the best phone I'd ever had - but I have high hopes for this LG G6:

CrzRsn;n3234210 said:
Just got my work iPhone. Now I have 2 black iPhone 5ss on me. An AT&T one and a Verizon one.

So my work 16gb 5s was replaced with a 32gb 7 around October or November. And yesterday I replaced my personal 64gb 5s with a 256gb X.
Siemens C35i
Nokia 3100
Nokia 6600
Nokia n73 Music Edition
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy J5 2015
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
gaasc;n1476054 said:
so i first had

^Motorola 3160

^Motorola C210 which i had for exactly 2 days because of the biggest leap in cell phone history

^Motorola RAZR V3 that phone was win encapsulated in a cell phone rolled it for 2 years and i got a couple of weeks back (and regretting it)


also me said:
[IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/www.bdmobilephone.com\/images\/gallery\/motorola-w220_8202.jpg "}[/IMG2]

motorola W220, that sony ericsson has moved me away from purchasing any other sony ericssons anymore so now i'm looking at the Motorola Z8
between that motorola Z8 and my want of a PS3 i really have to go on money-saving mode

me again said:
i just popped my nokia cherry


nokia 3120 classic, let's see if unlike Sony Ericsson, nokia is kind to me

i think I'll buy a holster to carry it around

Oh my, it has been a while hasn't it? Also, what the fuck 2009 me!? A holster AND a PS3!? Are you trying to give your future self a heart attack!? Learn to type too you little prick!
...Aaaaaanyway, let's see what phones carried me through the rest of my uni and until today shall we?

After the 3120, I got what was a partial leap into the modern era, the Nokia 5230, a wonderful phone and identical in every way to the then almost unattainable 5800 XPressMusic, the only differences were a) it was white and, most importantly, b) It had no Wi-Fi


About a year later, I somehow convinced the folks into letting me trade the 5230 for a slightly used 5800. I loved that phone, and looking at the list, it's the second phone that I really regarded with as much love as you can give to a device (RAZR was the first) I carried it for years and showered love with it by buying it a case and putting the little strap with a guitar pick that came with the 5230 on the dedicated grab thing. I could see videos in it! I read a not inconsiderate amount of books in that shitty screen! Old PDF's on a weird PDF reader.


I am not completely sure what happened to the 5800 and how I came to move on from it. In any case, this new thing called Android began showing up around this time, and was met with mehs from people with nokias and blackberries met it with derision, but when my dad lost his N95 8GB he got a Samsung Galaxy Mini, in which I was allowed to install CyanogenMod. Consantly out of space and with all the virtues that only Android 2.3.6 could manage, it was nevertheless a welcome companion when it finally made it into my hands


Then came a slew of nothing phones as my family ran out of lifestyle and money, an old E71 inherited from the folks, then back to the Mini for a while, then an E72 quite briefly. Finally, salvation was at hand when my mother's employer decided that they would give me a new phone. That new phone was the shittiest phone I have ever owned including the ones that dies in less than a day. The Huawei Y210


This was the most horrible piece of shinola I ever had the disgrace of using, it had all the power of the older galaxy mini but it was running heavier programs circa 2014 and had all of 256MB of Ram to do so. It would not boot whatsapp and the KEYBOARD at the same time it was so strung. But we had no money so we had to put up with it. sometime later, same thing, new year, new phones. Enter the Avvio 778.


Never heard of Avvio, you wouldn't, nobody outside of the reaches of latin america has, they have a random webpage and some address in Miami swearing they are an american company. I have no idea what rebranded chinese plastic block I had to be rebranded. Just that MediaTek owns them and that it had an aerial to catch analog TV. However, compared to the Huawei, it was the most wonderful phone. I could actually do things with it again. it had Android 4.0. It was not that Huawei!

Around this time, I graduated, spent a year looking for a job, depressed myself, but eventually got one. decently paid and with a lot of perks. even if I hadn't I had convinced my mother that it was probably best if we bought out own phones. Everyone else got BLU's for a while (one died a one-hit kill, the other just got replaced), but because now I had some money I could finally move on from the low-end phones Into this: The Moto X Pure Edition


I also liked that phone, the screen was amazing, the skin light, MotoDisplay is something I still miss today and those stereo speakers are to die for. Sadly, about a year into the relationship, a yellowing screen and a combination of heat if I tried to even do the most basic things on it and the appaling 1hr of screen-on-time convinced me to change. Not wanting to pay for new Moto's shitty design and update schedule, I went full dweeb and got me a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


First order of business was deleting all the china off it and installing lineageOS. It wasn't the best experience, the speaker was kinda poop, I missed all the gestures and display options from the Motorola, and once I updated to LOS15, I remembered that those tiny little polish issues build up and resonate with me louder than on the average tinkerer. But it could do everything else I asked it to as well as the Motorola could and I got three days on a charge like on the olden days of phones. But Much as I love playing with my toys, ultimately I also want a phone that works. One GCam port crash too many and the untimely death of a phone in the family led me to wipe it, leave it as stock as possible and give it away. and so, two weeks ago I decided to try something I had never tried before and from a brand I have not touched in almost a decade, from about when I posted that horrible first post.


My new daily driver is a 64GB gold iPhone 6S+. We'll see how it stacks up. initial impressions are good though.
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You have had more cell phones since 2009, than I have had since 1990. (7 btw)
I've had too many phones to list at this point... But I think it started with a Nokia 5110, possibly even in 1998 (year of its release; I would've been 10yo at the time) but I always got used phones when I was young because new ones were far too expensive... (whereas always upgrading to "new to me phones" would be totally reasonable... ah, the late 90s/early 2000s tech consumer logic)

I went through 5110 - 6110 - 3310 pretty fast in those early days and there were probably others in there. And of course I had many other Nokia phones later over the years.

Here are some highlights though:

Nokia Communicator 9110, I think I had it in exactly 2002 (as 14 year old) because I remember using it in 8th grade shop class. Used of course and at that time it would've been many years old.
robably my first "smartphone" - i.e. big screen for the time and ability to do email, browse some websites etc. I'm pretty sure I got it on a whim and ended up basically sidegrading from it very soon because it was way too bulky and the OS didn't support any apps or anything.

Nokia 6600, very common phone in other posts in this thread. Ability to use internet, chat clients etc. Probably had it around 2004, I'm pretty sure I couldn't afford a 600€ phone new in 2003 when I was 15.

Motorola V600, my first and only flip phone. I only got it because it had style. It had a simple job: calls, SMS, and internet hotspot for...


… the smart device I combo'd with the Motorola - a Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720. PDA with Windows Mobile. This was the device I would actually use like we use mobile devices today. Large browser window with proper HTML rendering, e-mail, IRC, MSN Messenger, games, nice camera, everything. I liked this combo a lot. Had it probably throughout late 2005 - early 2006.


Qtek 8310, probably my first truly modern smartphone, and one of the first NEW phones. Windows Mobile with multitasking, wifi, real internet browser (MSIE), native MSN Messenger client, etc etc. Everything in a single device. I'm guessing the picture is taken when I got it so early 2006.


Then eventually the tech world changed overnight...


iPhone 1st gen - probably as it was being jailbroken and operator-unlocked in Sep 18th, 2007, 2.5 months after the US release. Bought new on eBay from a random guy in Texas. I registered on eBay for it and it was the transaction that would teach me international shipping and import taxation, among other things. The first iPhone would never be available in Finland. Why didn't I buy directly on release? Simple, had to wait for hackers to make the jailbreak and operator unlock software first... But this is how important that phone was, it was easily worth all that trouble and waiting and was probably the best phone I ever had relative to the time period of the phone. One funny side effect of all the trouble is that not many others had iPhones, in fact I don't think I ever saw any until iPhone 3G's were officially released in Finland much later.

After that it was the modern era of phones for me:

iPhone 3GS - nice phone, didn't need jailbreaking anymore because they'd come up with the App Store, but the plastic body felt pretty cheap.

iPhone 4 - another true upgrade to the iPhone, because of the beautiful metal/glass body and high res display. Really liked that one and there were people around me who swore by their iPhone 4 YEARS after it had become obsolete. Even I had it for more than 3 years, the longest I'd run a particular phone at the time.

Sony Xperia Z1, bought in 2013. At this point I'd had the iPhone 4 for over 3 years so it was time for an upgrade, but iPhones (4S, 5, 5S) were honestly pretty boring upgrades since they looked the same and worked the same, and had no truly progressive upgrades except TouchID. So I decided to try Android for at least a year, which is when a new iPhone would come out with a new design. This year-long experiment basically solidified to me that Android was an inferior OS due to the way none of the Android phone manufacturers are responsible for their Android user experience the way Apple is of iOS. It was buggy, slow to get updates, updates broke stuff, 3rd party software like apps were shit, and the user interface wasn't as polished and thought-out as iOS. But the phone was nice, made of good materials (although I remember it getting more scratches in a year than the iPhone 4 got in 3 years). Also had a nice camera.

iPhone 6 Plus - bought on release in 2014. This was finally the true upgrade to the iPhone for me since 2010 with the phablet form factor, TouchID, fast CPU and lots of RAM, 1080p display with nice quality, camera with OIS, etc.
I'm still on this iPhone today because there hasn't really been an upgrade that I'd consider worthwhile and a no-compromise upgrade. iPhone X was close but the notch is a deal-breaker. I'm probably upgrading next time when either the iPhone 6 breaks, doesn't get software anymore, or there's a new iPhone design with no notch.
And yeah, the iPhone 6 Plus is the longest I've ever been on a particular phone - over 4 years.
Been awhile since I updated this so I might as well...

I had the Nexus 5, until Feb 2016 when I got a 32 GB Samsung S7 Edge. The phone served me well until August 2018, when it unfortunately broke when I dropped it at the airport on a flight to New York City. :(


I needed a phone to use in New York, so I bought a cheap Samsung J3 Prime to use temporarily. I still have the J3, and I plan to use it as a backup/travel phone so I won't have to worry/care too much of happens to it.


Now, I currently have a Samsung Note 9 (black 512GB version) which I got on release in September 2018. I do love it, it's a great phone that's served me well so far. Plenty of storage too, and I could always double it to 1TB with an SD card if I wanted to. :)

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Nokia 3210
Nokia E70
Samsung D500
Blackberry 8900​
Samsung S9 (current phone)
GRtak;n3554284 said:
You have had more cell phones since 2009, than I have had since 1990. (7 btw)

it's really a problem :p I've bought an otterbox defender to make sure this will last at least as long as apple deems it worthy to support it.
1) [April 2000 - ? 2001] Ericsson T10s (this color)


2) [? 2001 to May 2002] Ericsson R320M (In red)


3) [May 2002 - December 2003] Sony Ericsson T68i. Great little phone, a girl in my class bought it from me, she still has it as a backup phone.


4) [December 2003] Ericsson R520m. I had it only briefly for about a month, until I got my new phone.


5) [December 2003 - December 2004] Sony Ericsson P800. I really liked this, as it did all I needed a phone to do at that moment (Music player, phone and reasonable camera) it also had the touch screen functionality that rendered my Palm Tungsten T useless (I still have that too, somewhere...)


6) [December 2004 - May 2006] Sony Ericsson P900, same as above, just a bit more elegant and slightly better. I still have it as a backup phone.


7) [May 2006 - December 2007] Sony Ericsson W810i I really liked this phone and it performed the task of being phone, camera and music player very well. It must be a good one as I see lots of people having them everywhere. Unfortunately mined died during the party after our final exam before Christmas, but I got a new one from Sony Ericsson under warranty, so I still have it laying around as a backup phone.


8) [December 2007 - December 2010] Sony Ericsson W960. All around very good, the Walkman player was a bit of a hassle to get the grips on in the start, especially as I use playlists, but I discovered that those can be made from WinAmp on my laptop.


Time for a little update, I think:

9) [December 2010 - October 2011] Apple iPhone 3Gs. My first iPhone, I have to admit it was a revelation, a quantum leap forward. A hand down from my brother.


10) [October 2010 - December 2013] Apple iPhone 4. Had this for more than three years, and it didn't miss a beat, also one of very few not to get a smashed up backside or front. A hand-down from my brother as well.


11) [December 2013 - September 2014] Apple iPhone 5s. Really liked this, in retrospect I regret that I din't keep it for longer, such a nice size. Also regret I din't get an SE


12) [September 2014 - September 2016] Apple iPhone 6. Bought one because my brother's job had bought a few too many and I was offered one for a nice price.


13) [September 2016 - November 2017] Apple iPhone 6s. This was also a hand-down from my brother.


14) [November 2017 -->] Apple iPhone 7. Also a hand down from my brother, I still like this very much, although I could be intrigued by something smaller if that is introduced.