What's your mobile phone history?

I got a new company phone. Samsung Galaxy S21 5G to replace my old Galaxy S9.
16) [May 2020 - November 2020] Apple iPhone 7. After deliberating about it, I decided to switch back to my old iPhone 7 from the iPhone X I used to have. I just didn't get comfortable with the size of the X. After getting it back, I did a battery change on the 7 which improved things massively.

17) [November 2020 - October 2023] Apple iPhone 12 mini. After having kept up the iPhone rumor mill for the past year or so, I started seeing earlier this year that the iPhone 12 would become some sort of "super cycle" introducing a new design and a new generation of chips (5nm A14) which means it's something that will be good for a long time. The rumored 5,4" form factor turned out to be just what I wanted from a phone and much more comfortable to use than the 5,8" iPhone X. My only dislike here is the glossy glass back, but I can live with that, honestly, I would have been fine with a matte surface polycarbonate (aka plastic).

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18) [October 2023 -->] Apple iPhone 13 mini

I have been very pleased with my 12 mini. It's been by far the best phone I have ever used, and it is a genuinely nice item to use. For the first time I have used my phone to take pictures occasionally, when there are things where I don't need to either zoom in or I need to take photos in difficult conditions or play around with the exposure. It's also great at doing all other kind of the usual smart phone things like being a mobile bank, tickets for everything, reading e-mails on the go and generally staying connected. But the most important thing is that it's fully one hand usable, unlike the larger phablets which are all awkward to use.

At work there is a policy if you sign up to my work's phone plan, that they will reimburse a phone purchase of up to NOK 9'000 every three years. Since my old phone was getting close to that (and that was not reimbursed, as I purchased it before that deal was in effect) I decided to take advantage of that and get a new one. The only phone that was remotely interesting was the 13 mini as that gave me exactly what I was looking for with a few improvements, but most importantly a fresh battery that has about 10 % better capacity than the 12 mini ever had. I'm very happy with my 13 mini, having used it for the past month, I usually charge it to about 85-90 % before I go to bed, and it gets down to 30-40 % before it's time to charge again the same time next day. I only charge to 100 % if I'm going somewhere I know I will need to use it a lot.

My old 12 mini got a new battery, and my girlfriend's dad will buy it from me for that cost of that battery change.

Last time I posted my own phone ownership here I had an iPhone XR. Moved from that to a 12 Pro and from that to a 15 Pro Max.
Moved from that to a 12 Pro and from that to a 15 Pro Max.
You did the Pro/Pro Max in the opposite order to me. I've just gone from a 12 Pro Max to a 15 Pro. :p

I'm pleased with myself that I kept the 12 Pro Max for 3 years instead of caving after 2.
Oh wow, this still exists...
I dug up my previous post in this thread, from 2008... :wheelchair:

Let's pick up from there.
The P3600 got replaced with an iPhone 3G

Which was nice when I first got it, but Apple's planned obsolesence back then made sure it was a royal pain in the ass to use 18 months later.
That, and not liking some of the iOS idiosyncracies, led me to try an Android phone as my next, the HTC Sensation.

Which was not bad, but HTC bringing out a flagship phone and then three months later bringing out an upgraded version of it with improved everything kinda pissed me off. Them promising updates but never finishing them pissed me off further.
Sometime when owning this, I joined HTC's beta program in order to try firmwares earlier, and somehow HTC decided to offload some nigh-unsellable Sensation XLs on us as a thank you.

Used this as a backup phone for some time, and fucked around with custom roms on it, but never used it much. It being a single-core SoC in a dual core time didn't usability.
After HTC I decided to try something new, and liked the looks of the Sony Xperia Z.

The software was nice, but the totally square non-design was a bit of a pain, and ruined at least 4 pairs of pants.
So what do you do when your large-ish phone ruins your pants with its sharp corners? Right! Get something bigger! SHAMU!

Yup, the Motorola Nexus 6. My favourite phone thus far. Still love it, although I've always found it a tad on the big side, everything else about it was just fabulous. Dropped one, shattered the glass, and used the insurance money for the screen repairs to buy a second hand one, because that was cheaper than getting a new screen. Was really hoping Google would do something equally awesome with their flagship phones in 2016. Sadly, they fired the almighty dud that was the Pixels. Hugely overpriced, and never officially released where I live, so only available with an even higher price(!) locally without any warranty because grey imports, or going abroad and getting one there. So I was looking at Nexus 6Ps second hand. Well, when the successor to something quite populair is not really available, guess what happens to second hand prices of that item. Yeah, not really looking forward to spending 400ish eur on a second hand 2 year old phone. So I started scouting the market, and liked the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which is where I am now.

Luckily, they really toned down the samsung-ness of the software, and the hardware also feels quite nice.

OK... Let's continue from here...

The honeymoon with the Galaxy S8 was short-lived, annoyances over several half-baked features got the best of me, and I sold it a year later, getting a Nokia 6.1 as replacement.

It was an phone. It was functional and didn't get in my way when doing things. So as its replacement, I got another Nokia, their almost flagship... The 8.1.

Which managed to piss me off enough to switch to Apple for my next phone. Broken promises on both the Google and Nokia end regarding Android One (spent 6 months without updates because apparently thay couldn't be bothered), general disp[leasure with Google killing off any of their products that I used, and no good alternatives in the Android space (Samsung and Sony were no-gos, OnePlus was another dearth of broken promises, and Pixels at the time wanted flagship money for a phone with midrange specs at best)
So, iPhone 12 in black. Wasn't yeet ready to spend Pro money on a phone I wasn't sure I'd like.

Turns out I did like it, although I did kinda miss some of the pro features. And then Apple announced the dynamic island as a pro only feature on the 14, so iPhone 14 Pro became its replacement.

Which is what I'm still using at least until march 2025, at which time it mostly depends on how my old 12 is still doing as that went to my youngest. If it's still trucking by then, the 14 pro will continue to be my phone. If it could do with being replaced after 4 years, I'll probably get a 16 Pro.
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you guys have longass histories! I'm apparently much less of a geek on the phone front, since i'm only on my 4th one so far (since 97)

1)1997-2001 Alcatel something. it had a huge brick of a battery in it that would get so hot after long calls. It also only had texting IN FULL CAPS ONLY. Didn't actually break, but the battery life was something like 1 day at the end...

2)2001-2004 Siemens M50. This one was particularly awesome because it had WAP (remember that) and a Tetris game. This one died after I left it in the car in the charger. Hot car + hot battery from charging = death. A new battery was actually more expensive than an entirely new phone

3)2004-2007 SonyEricsson something or other. It was pretty basic and had polyphonic sounds and shit... It finally broke when the screen came off completely. I glued it back on, but the glue fogged up the screen and made it all white... which makes it rather difficult to call people.

4)2007- present SonyEricsson W200i. It is teh awesome because it has phone,text and games. Oh and also a Walkman function I have nearly never used.
Also, I have never owned a Nokia. I am somehow proud of this.

5) 2010 - 2013 Samsung B3410i slider wooo


6) 2013 - present : Acer Z130


7) Soon - ???

pretty boring from my part since 10 year apparently

7) 2015 - 2017 : Motorola G3


8) 2017 - 2019 : Motorola G5 (still lives as a backup phone)


...and thus ends my Android period, since I got company issued phones from now (also it's quite boring as every new iphone is basically identical to the old one, save a few minor details...

9) 2019 - 2021 : iPhone XR


10) 2022 - mid 2023 : iPhone SE (still lives on as a backup too!)

11) mid 2023 - present : iPhone 13


This equates to 11 phones over a 26 year period (1997-2023). Yes I am old. Yes I use my phones for a long time.
My kids (being 12 and 14) are currently on their 2nd and 3rd phones, should be interesting to see how many they'll have used once they hit 42 years old
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