Whats your Pick for "BEST DRIVING SONG"?

No one picked Radar Love?! I agree with most of these songs, I love the 4 strings, oakenfold, atb, and other techno greats as well as some modern rock/pop stuff such as kasbian, I like the songs from the Driven soundtrack as well......but it just seems to me whenever I hear Radar Love there is no expection.....my foot just goes down......I could be driving a mini van or a town car and it will have the same effect as if I was driving a 911 turbo. It just seems like someone else on here would feel that way about that song.

Correction.......I dont agree with every song on here........especially no NSync "Byebyebye".......sorry I could never stoop to that level.
The Hives - Hate To Say I told You So...
I thought of another one: Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
D.A.D - Bad craziness :thumbup:
I don't know that Radar Love song, or at least I can't remember it by its name. Can someone make m(p)3 an explanation? PM will do ;)
Racer X - King of the Monsters

Please from now on choose from one of the last 5 below.. you can explain why it's your pick and also feel free to complain about the choices....

Golden Earring - Radar Love
Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild
Queen - Don't Stop me Now
Deep Purple - Highway Star
Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell
Never heard any of these songs so can't say which is the best. i listen mainly to techno, trance or dance.
Of the five, definitely "Highway Star."

Though when they first annouced the contest, my first thought was "Radar Love" and I thought of Bart Simpson driving down the road with it playing on the radio. :)

However, as much as I like that song, Deep Purple is one of my all-time favorite bands anyway, so I'd go with them.
Don't stop me now is the best song of the 5 imo, though there could've been better tracks to choose from (shame 'song 2' didn't make it..)
None of them. I feel bitterly let down by the British public. Steppenwolf, that's a motorbike song IMO.

I'm saving my 10p by not voting for any of them, even though my 10p would go towards keeping James May employed at the beeb. So there! :mrgreen:
whats the year of those songs?.. can someone post the years those songs were released, please.

It should make for some interesting conversation.
Here's what I came up with from Amazon:

Golden Earring - Radar Love - 1973
Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild - 1968
Queen - Don't Stop me Now - 1978
Deep Purple - Highway Star - 1972
Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell - 1977

My vote out of these songs goes to Radar Love for sure. Great tune:
"I've been drivin' all night man, sweat on the wheel....."

I agree with JC: anything but Meat Loaf!!! I don't really like AC/DC either, so I'm glad they're not in the top five. It's old man bar music here in Michigan.
I was just gonna post a list of the years I found at Amazon, but you beat me to it! :) No surprises that there's nothing before 1980, really. I'm sure Hammond's not happy.

Of the 5, I can't remember having heard "Don't Stop Me Now." I'll have to look it up. I also agree with E~I that "Born to be Wild" is more of a motorbike song (and I prefer "Magic Carpet Ride" to it by far).
its worse then i thought.........

so the world of music stopped just as Star Wars started... Thats Fukced Up...
^ :lol: but very true.

There must be a great number of members of this forum that weren't even born when the youngest of those songs was released. Or does this say more about the average age a Top Gear viewer?
Electrastar~Indochine said:
Or does this say more about the average age a Top Gear viewer?
I'd say it does. I'm sure they had lots of nominations for Chemical Brothers and other more modern bands, but from the looks of it, there is a definite classic rock vibe going on.

Some of them are universal (like Deep Purple, to an extent, and even the youngest Simpsons fan knows "Radar Love"), but I can't see too many under 20 picking something like Meatloaf. At least Jeremy, of all people, is dead against it, too! :p
If anyone from age 18 to 30 picked meatloaf the world has a problem.. I mean there must be some shananagins going on..
Of those five, Queen.

Though i'm surprised Highway To Hell didn't even make it to the last five.